Going to court for the past few months has become routine for student leader Adam Adli's father. But he is not upset with his son. On the contrary, Abdul Halim is proud.

"I am proud of him as I feel the struggle for political and democratic reforms should continue regardless of the arrest. My time to bring about changes is over, but my son can

"What is heartening is to see all his friends, colleagues and activists come together in posting bail. This certainly augurs well for the struggle for reforms," he said.
Abdul Halim was speaking toMalaysiakiniyesterday after posting bail for Adam Adli (right), who was charged with participating in an unlawful rally and for rioting in Parliament.

Based on his observation, Abdul Halim said the struggle for reform in the country had been somewhat on a slide following the 13th general election.

"However we have to keep up the pressure to ensure that political and democratic reforms continue," he stressed. 

Besides the illegal assembly and rioting charges, Adam Adli also faces a sedition charge and another charge for participating in the rally at Padang Merbok where he led students at the Ar Rahman mosque near University Malaya.

Auntie Bersih fights for a better Malaysia
Meanwhile, Annie Ooi or better known as Auntie Bersih said that as an activist, she would continue to struggle for a better Malaysia and the charges would not deter her.

Annie Ooi  aunty auntie bersih"This struggle is not for me alone but for my children and the future generation of Malaysia. It is not about opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

"If Anwar leads the country and he does something wrong, I would be among the first to protest," she said, adding it is not about BN or the opposition but doing the right thing.

The former teacher said she was only informed of being charged with this new offence while she was in Kuala Besut last week.

Preparing for the worst following the uncertainty surrounding whether someone could post bail for her, she was prepared to spend time in the lock-up.

However, all of them were later released. 

Ooi was also proud to see students like Mohd Safwan Anang and Adam Adli battling for reforms.

"It is in the younger generation where our future lies and it is nice to see the younger generation standing u. They have gone through everything... being beaten up and all but they continue to persevere,” she said.

"Police also kicked me on the back and the pain lasted for days. I lodged a police report over this but nothing came out of it. Despite this, I would continue in the struggle for reforms,” she added.

Nine students were among the 33 charged yesterday for marching from Padang Merbok to Parliament.