The large group of Mongolian women citizens, who are in town attending the Global Summit of Women in Kuala Lumpur conference, have showcased their national plight to the world what we caring Malaysians have repeatedly failed in ensuring justified redress. 

The story of the slain Altantuya Shaariibuu has now snowballed into the biggest insult to our nation, its citizens and our revered Agong owing to the government's failure in ensuring that speedy and transparent justice is dispensed with. 

In damaging our national reputation and the integrity of justice, we have seen shame assaulting our sovereign nation. 

Who's to blame for this national curse?
To begin with has our prime minister failed in his appointment? To complicate matters Najib Razak was - rightly or wrongly, also implicated and the citizens have not forgotten his text messages to Razak Baginda.

We also do not dismiss the facts alluding to the brutal, gruesome and most attrocious murder - the deletion of immigration records; the use of the tightly controlled explosives C4; and the dismissal of motive as not crucial to this case. 

We have not forgotten the reported involvement of security personnel who are also the deputy prime minister's bodyguards; we remember them as they are still awaiting appeal on death row and and had walked into the court room, strangely, hooded.

Millions for one deal

Then there is the serious national security matter - a foreign national was involved (to what extent only Najib, Razak Baginda and God know), in our nation's confidential arms purchase. 

And an ordinary citizen pocketed millions in commission for the role he played in securing the deal. 

All of these add to the serious disrepute and shame that now clouds our national integrity and all of its institutions. Is this then not an insult to our Ruler?

If you disagree please enlighten this nation of ours.

Never mind for the time being the two Statutory declarations by the late PI Bala; never mind, too, for the time being, about the now missing-in-action carpet dealer's seeming confessions in public.

Malaysians suffer terribly from this most embarrassing development - to be told by women from Mongolia how justice has not been dispensed for the slain mother and woman despite its highest profile and seven years since.

Is this case in question not an insult to our Agong we also ask our respected IGP who recently warned citizens who insulted the Agong on the social media to surrender.

Must not forget Altantuya case

Have we citizens no more 'maruah' and conscience left as we go about our social and economic pledges and political promises to lead this nation onwards?

And are we so incapacitated that we from civil society and professional groups as well as religious organisations helplessly remain hopeless in restoring the dignity and respect that this nation deserves?

This Altantuya case cannot be left to be buried in time. It has to the nation's number priority for the murder has destroyed the nation's integrity and honor in the liberating space of the global community.

The very fundamental and universal principle of justice on earth, i.e., that no man has the right to take the life of another without accounting for the heinous act demands immediate justice to be dispensed without fear or favor.

Who then will and can ensure that Altantuya is laid to rest with full accord of justice that is universally acceptable and reasonable beyond doubt?

If this case is not resting on the lap of the prime minister of this country, then whose else should shoulder this burden?

Or shall we just carry on with life without a damn care about this shame that hangs over our entire nation and instead just pin all blame on the opposition political leaders for being such busybodies?

~ Malaysiakini