Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Opposition questions ministers with questionable degrees

JUNE 26, 2013
Three Opposition MPs are questioning the wisdom of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak for naming two ministers with questionable university degrees to his Cabinet.
They are calling for the resignation of Minister of Human Resources Richard Riot, who is said to have questionable undergraduate and master degrees, as well as Dr Ewon Ebin, the new Minister for Science, Technology an Innovation (MoSTI), whom they alleged had a fake masters degree and doctorate.
Serdang MP Dr Ong Kian Ming, speaking at the Parliament lobby, said that in an official website Riot was listed as having a Bachelor of Business Administration from the Chartered Insitute of Business Administration (Ireland) and a Masters in Business Administration from Preston University in USA.
He added that in the case of Ebin, the MoSTI website listed him as having a Doctor in Business Administration from Golden State University, Wyoming. Ong said that although not listed on the MoSTI website, they were informed that the minister obtained his Masters in Business Administration from the Commonwealth Open University based in the British Virgin Islands.
"Not only could we not find any website belonging to the Chartered Insitute of Business Administration (Ireland), Preston is a well-known bogus university reported by numerous newspapers," Ong said.
He added that both these institutions are listed as 'unauthorised schools and invalid degrees' by the state goverments of Oregan and Maine in the US.
Bukit Bendera MP Zairil Khir Johari  said this was a big scandal because it involved two ministers who are responsible for ministries that look into human capital development in the country.
"And each of them has two fake qualifications, so the issue here is integrity, because on Monday we took oaths as MPs to serve the people with honesty," Zairil said.
He added even if they applied for entry level officers in the government as administrative officers, they would not qualify. "But these two are ministers now," he said, adding that MoSTI was an important ministry which gave out  millions in grants every year.
MP for Stampin Julian Tan said that Riot, as MP for Serian, should know that a minister with questionable degree will not get the confidence of foreign investors.
"How can we entrust Sarawak taxpayer's money, and more importantly Sarawak's future when he has a questionable degree? Something must be done, and now."
Tan called for Riot and Ebin to relinquish their ministerial posts. - June 26, 2013.
~ The Malaysian Insider

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