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Nation needs a real tsunami

Tuesday, June 11, 2013 - 16:54

WORDS like tsunami and paradigm are abused by most popular media, and by journalists who have not been educated either about the tsunami phenomena or even the concept of paradigms.

I do not even need to mention the abuse by politicians; as they almost always abuse anything they talk about because they try to simplify what they want to say to the appreciation of the common man and thereby abuse even the mathematical logic which needs to be present for what they say. They simply communicate by half-truths stringed together to make sense out of nonsense!

Why is a tsunami or paradigm shift needed?

Malaysian development was built on a materialistic worldview and today’s concepts of modernity and progress.

Therefore, for example, while people like Sir Gerald Templer developed and designed schools like Malay College or the RMC, as “institutions of higher education to train leaders for modern Malaya”, that explicitly envisioned the needs of good software for the new nation. The past 56 years of reality of modern Malaya and Malaysia has been reduced to cronyism and nepotism by the Malaysian cadre of post-Merdeka leadership of this so-called newly independent model nation-state.

Let me quote one example in comparison to make my point very clear. Tun Razak, leader of Malaya and a co-author of some of Templer’s initiatives also created Majlis Amanah Rakyat (Mara) for the betterment of Malays and other indigenous groups in the countryside of rural Malaysia. This was a Malayan and Malaysian initiative.

With Mara came also, what is called UiTM or Universiti ITM. The original ITM or Institut Tekonologi Mara was created to “explicitly help train the Malays and other bumiputra folk so that they can be employed in different and various fields of professional service”. It was started as a two or three-year college offering higher diploma or another professional equivalent of the academic oriented HSC or higher school certificate.

ITM was meant to produce technical workers and specialists in many different fields of application. Today, I understand UiTM has more than 100,000 students throughout the nation-state and its campuses. This does not include all the Mara Junior Colleges found throughout the nation-state. Unfortunately though, they are today almost filled with middle-class students from urban homes instead of rural poor communities who cannot give them a proper education.

Any member of parliament who bothers to ask this question about how many bumiputra of orang asli, Sabahan, and Sarawakian origins are found in these Mara educational places would get to the truth of this matter.

That shift in focus from the rural poor to the middle income community of students is what we, in the older days of public policy making would have called “policy displacement or policy derailment.”

Therefore, I would argue that, we need to revisit the NEP of Tun Razak, but with new eyes and ears, not with those from within Umno or even the MIC but rather from the perspective of the new and younger MPs of all colours in Parliament who are more idealistic and not corrupted by the flush of compliance-purchasing loyalty that currently occurs within all political parties.

A paradigm shift or a tsunami cannot be simply used to mean “rearranging of furniture on the Titanic” which is already headed to hit the iceberg nevertheless! We need to avoid the iceberg!

A new NEP or NEM?

The late Datuk Dr Zainal Aznam Yusoff was a good friend and ally of mine from when we started work at the PM’s Department. We were also friends from playing squash at the Royal Lake Club.

I was forced to join the then Lake Club because I was “caught red-handed ‘squatting in squash courts’ by Ahmad Mahmud of Sungai Petani fame” when he was with the Language Institute, which was then taken over to become the first campus of UKM in Lembah Pantai.

I was totally embarrassed by the incident, more so because he was from SP and knew my father, who was a Board of Governor of the Ibrahim Secondary School, his alma mater and mine. Therefore, I joined the Lake Club as a legitimate way to play my squash without abusing the law or other’s privileges. The late Tan Sri Kadir Shamsuddin, the first Malaysian KSN approved my application for membership on government sponsorship!

Just two weeks before this same good friend Zainal Aznam passed on, he was a speaker at the official launch of Ideas, the now world-famous think tank whose report on the general election is now a benchmark for change and revamp of the EC. They concluded: “The GE was free but not so fair.”

The late Zainal spoke about the original NEM and how it was abused by Umno-types with much hurt, pain, and even some regret at the Ideas launch. His views were also published and printed in many places.

I totally agreed with his views, and I think so did many in public services! But, as is well known, even the son of Tun Razak does not have too much say about truth matters when it comes to the power politics of Umno. Zainal, Pak Lah and Najib were all overruled by the real powers behind the scene.

Therefore I write so now, as I did too when I joined the Implementation, Coordination and Development Administration Unit (ICDAU) in the Prime Minister’s Department. The NEP will and can be abused by all forms of pilferage of the system. In Malay, we say, harap pagar, pagar makan padi.

The need for a new model of distribute justice

Why is it that P. Karuna Nithi can die in a Tampin lock-up for abusing his family members but when the son of a minister, who publicly conducted abuse of another, was not even put in jail, or worse still was treated with purple gloves, and until today there is no charge proffered as far as I know. The father appears good enough to be a minister again.

That is the national corruption and failure within our system. It closes one eye in some cases but opens both eyes in case of another for abuse, and then closes both eyes when the truth matters.

Truth is an absolute matter; not a relative one for relatives to infer or interpret. Truth of matters can today be verified by scientific and forensic methods. All truths can be known; including matters of our universe of life and living. Talk to the American Hubble Telescope or Curiosity the robot of science on Mars surface.

Come on Malaysia; we need to look at truth matters straight in its face; without closing eyes or merely labelling with confused words. May God bless us with knowledge and understanding.

Truth Matters, Malay Mail

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