YOURSAY 'If BN won 112 seats with under 20 percent of voters, I don't care whether they call it ‘first past the post', it's not democracy ... it's a crime.'

Small spelt big for BN in the last polls

your sayMushiro: So BN took 112 seats with 20 percent of total votes. This is clear-cut gerrymandering and fraud.

BN can concentrate on such seats and prevent Pakatan Rakyat supporters from entering and campaigning in these constituencies - like those in Felda and the rural areas in Sabah and Sarawak.

Isana: Twenty percent of Malaysian voters can decide for 100 percent, that's how most false democracies work and BN is a master in this fraud.

Thanks to BN's most lethal and effective ‘component party' - the Election Commission (EC) - BN will continue to stay in power even with 10 percent support.

No ‘ubah' (change) will happen in Malaysia if this system stays in place.

Cala: If indeed it is true that Umno-led BN coalition won 112 seats that made up only 20 percent of the total votes, then this topic is certain to kick up a lot of dust in the Parliament.

Something is seriously wrong. The EC has a lot to explain for this mind-boggling, obtuse and illogical way of drawing the constituencies. Cheating is too kind a word.

Fourtan: BN won 112 seats representing less than 20 percent of the voters? I don't care what they call it, the ‘first past the post' or Westminster system, this isn't democracy. In fact, I would call it a crime.

In fact, Pakatan would have won by an unimaginable landslide by any Western democratic standard. It's simply unbelievable how a massive crime can be committed against the Malaysian population and yet the illegitimate government remains so smug about it.

TehTarik: The most important fact portrayed in this news article is "that prior to 1973, the constitution set a cap on the difference between constituency size at 33 percent, while the pre-Merdeka electoral rules states that the difference must not be higher than 15 percent".

See how far the current EC has strayed from the 15 to 33 percent cap? Today the difference between Putrajaya (the smallest seat) and Kapar (largest) is a mind boggling 900 percent. It appears that the EC has betrayed the trust placed upon it by our founding fathers.

SRMan: One Umno leader has been boasting of Umno's 88 parliamentary seats compared to Pakatan's 89 seats.

He however did not disclose the total number of votes garnered by the respective parties. Now we really know how the majority of Umno seats were won.

Bamboo: Minus the ‘CIMB' (Cambodian, Indonesian, Myanmar, Bangladeshi) votes, BN would actually have gotten less than 20 percent of the votes cast. No wonder, those Umno Baru leaders are so insecure and playing the old race game in recent weeks.

The reality is BN is truly a minority government. BN has got the support from very few Malaysians, and they included the Sabahans, Sarawakians and Peninsular Malaysians who are not well-informed.

Twenty percent is already a very low share minus the CIMB votes - it must be very scary for BN that they get so little support from Malaysians.

Skin Deep: Out of the 20 percent, say two percent are contributed by duplicate voters and illegal voters. How can BN rule when only 18 percent of the voting population voted for them? Don't make us a laughing stock.

Sogo: BN had forced the public servants to vote for them through the ‘Aku Janji'. If they had been given the freedom to vote for whomever they pleased, BN might only get less then 20 percent.

The worst part is the whole of Malaysia knows the truth regarding this matter. And the top leaders know about this. You can pray as many times as you want, but for cheating the public and robbing the country, God/Allah will never forgive you, BN.

Smoking Joe: Indeed, it is high time the top people in the EC be changed to those with integrity so as to create a totally level-playing field in future GEs. The current system is too lop-sided.

Playfair: It is clear now that a two-thirds majority at the 2008 GE for BN would have been the death-knell for democracy in Malaysia.

The subsequent gerrymandering by the EC would have been designed to guarantee a forever two-thirds majority for them even with under 40 percent of the popular vote.

JTC: Why don't we just call it as it really is - that basically this is how Umno stole the elections?

Anonymous #88188: My God, an alliance can rule the country by simple majority (but with only 20 percent votes needed). What a mess and fake democracy this country is. What is SPR, Suruhanjaya Penipu Rakyat?

FellowMalaysian: The 50:20 apportionment (winning 50 percent of seats under contest with only 20 percent of votes) goes to illustrate yet another glaring example of how unjustifiably skewed and disproportionate our electoral system has been.

Massive amount of work need to be done by the EC to rectify the situation. Will its chairperson and its deputy be able to accept this fact first before embarking on the redelineation exercise?

Goh Pick Ting: Fair redelineation? Dream on...

Ahmad Said: Will any member of BN now back the call to correct the malapportionment in our electoral system for the sake of democracy? Any at all?

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