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Anwar: Election petitions coming

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June 10, 2013
Pakatan Rakyat has evidence of alleged irregularities especially on the registration of non-Malaysian citizens as voters in the electoral roll for five areas in Sabah.
KOTA KINABALU: The opposition coalition Pakatan Rakyat will be filing for a judicial review on the electoral roll involving five parliamentary constituencies in Sabah.
The five constituencies are Putatan, Sepanggar, Libaran, Kudat and Tawau.
Speaking to reporters here Pakatan de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim said the coalition had gathered evidences of alleged irregularities especially on the registration of non-Malaysian citizens as voters in the electoral roll for these five areas.
Besides this, coalition member PKR Sabah will also be filing election petitions to challenge the 13th general election results for the Kota Marudu and Pensiangan parliamentary constituencies.
Explaining why Pakatan was still questioning the results of the last general election he said:  “It is because we have strong evidence that a fraud has been committed.
“I do not need to repeat myself but some people have asked why we cannot accept the result.
“We cannot accept it because not only did we win the majority vote, there was that huge scam… so in Sabah other than the election petitions for Kota Marudu and Pensiangan, we will bring the case of non-citizens casting their votes on polling day in Libaran, Tawau, Sepanggar, Putatan and Kudat,” he stressed.
He said the opposition coalition has all the facts and figures to back up the allegation that non-citizens are registered as voters in the Malaysian electoral roll.
Anwar also said the various testimonies presented in the ongoing Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) on the presence of illegal immigrants in Sabah, could further strengthen the facts gathered by PR.
Judges with intergrity exists
The PKR de facto leader also claimed that before the 13th general election the Election Commission was informed that a staggering  113,000 non-citizens would be voting on polling day in Sabah.
“After vetting, it was found that more than 60,000 of the total are actually non-citizens and this is in contradiction with the Constitution.
“This is a serious case in Sabah and in the name of justice, the courts should, in the judicial review that we will be filing, decide that Election Commission must clean up the electoral rolls,” he stressed.
Asked whether after losing so many election petitions in the past, he was still confident the system worked, Anwar replied: “I personally went through the system and so did YB Lim Kit Siang many times.
“We have our reservations, notwithstanding we go through the process. We respect the due process … we have to respect the constitution and the rule of law. We are now appealing to the judiciary to look at it based on facts and the merit of the case.
“In the past years we have found some judges of integrity that we feel that they should adjudicate based on facts and law.
“I am hopeful and if the judiciary system cannot defend the Constitution and Law, then it is a tragedy for Malaysian citizens,” he said.
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