Friday, May 31, 2013


For oral answers:

1.              To ask the Minister of Infrastructure Development and Communications:
Was an EIA and Extinguishment of NCR lands carried out on the areas affected by the Bario-Ba’ Kelalan Road project?
i)               If not, why was the project allowed to commence?
ii)              Who is the contractor and what is the project cost?

2.              To ask the Minister of Infrastructure Development and Communications:
Has the Long Luping-Ba’ Kelalan road been handed over to JKR?
i)               Who is responsible for maintaining the road?
ii)              When will proper repairs be made to the road?

3.              To ask the Minister of Infrastructure Development and Communications:
Who is the contractor responsible for dumping the hundreds of tar drums all along the Ba’ Kelalan-Long Luping Road?
i)               When will the drums be removed and who will remove them?
ii)              Will the contractor responsible be penalised for the dumping?

4.              To ask the Minister of Modernisation of Agriculture and the Minister of Rural Development:
What is the status of the Agropolis initiative for the development of the Ba’ Kelalan Highlands which was announced by the Chief Minister in 2006?
i)               If abandoned, please state reasons why.
ii)              Otherwise when will the project commence?

5.              To ask the Minister of Local Government and Community Development:
What is holding up the construction of the new Lawas Hospital?
i)               Why is the hospital operating in shoplots and how much is the rental per month for the shoplots?
ii)              When will the construction of the Lawas Hospital commence?

For written answers:

6.         To ask the Chief Minister:
Why appoint the former SAG as Legal Advisor/Counsel to conduct NCR cases?
i)               List cases assigned to him to date and his remuneration.
ii)              Is he director of any Government agencies or GLCs; if so state which and his remuneration.

7.              To ask the Chief Minister:
Does the Land and Survey Department include the pemakai menoa and pulau galau within their survey when conducting perimeter surveys of NCR land under s 6 of the Sarawak Land Code? If not, state reasons why.

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