Tuesday, May 7, 2013


7 May 2013


We are disappointed but not defeated, down but not diminished. We are pained that the people we are trying to help do not see the truth and have not heard our message yet, but perhaps the years of brainwashing and intimidation have worked so well that the minds of the people require just as many years to liberate. Our hearts are heavy but we have no intention of giving up the fight. We do not offer excuses for our loss, nor do we blame anyone for it.

Disappointed we may be, but we also rejoice that the people of Miri have chosen Dr Michael Teo to represent them in Parliament. PKR Sarawak has gone from 0 to 1 seat, and DAP has increased from 2 to 5, significant steps for Sarawakians in this journey towards truth and justice. The flame has been lit, the first step taken forward for PKR Sarawak.

The struggle of the opposition against the established regime in any country is never easy. However, history has shown that once the people start to awaken, there is no turning back the march, no silencing the voices of the masses. GE13 has shown that 2013 is not the year we get to cry ‘Freedom!’ but there is no doubt in my mind that the day will surely come.

Our campaign team and candidates will regroup for a post mortem to identify our mistakes and weaknesses, review our strategies and chart the way forward. The road to freedom and democracy is long and arduous, and we do not labour under the delusion that it is anything else. GE13 was one of the bumps for us along the way. Or a landslide obstruction. But we will carry on, resolute and steadfast. Many times I have been reminded that man proposes but God disposes. We will keep on proposing and laying the path, unwavering in the belief that this road we forge will lead us to the justice and liberty we seek.

We thank our workers and supporters for their belief in us, their endless prayers and encouragement and their financial contribution towards our campaign. We truly could not have gone through the last two years without their faith and their backing. We hope and pray that they will continue this journey with us as we move forward with unfaltering hope, undiminished determination and unclouded conviction in our cause for the citizens of this country. For a Better Malaysia.

Demi Rakyat

Baru Bian
PKR Sarawak


Winston said...

Baru Bian, you know what's wrong with Malaysians?
It's that they have never really bothered to fight for their rights.
We have been having 13 GEs and all of them were won by the ruling party by wayward means.
And after every GE, we'll say try harder next time.
NO, it's not a matter of trying harder!
It's a matter of straightening out all the deceits built into the system!!!!
Why should we accept them as part and parcel of a GE??
What's there to stop them from doing the same old, same old the next time around?
There'll be no end!!!!!
And all our efforts will be in vain while the scums laugh all their way to power and wealth!!!!

Debbie Lim said...


I do agree to some extent that Malaysians are a tad passive when it comes to doing drastic measures but many are changing. People are getting more interested especially after this election. They are willing to do more.

Though we haven't garnered as many seats as we had hoped for Sarawak, it is still good news that PR has gained more seats. So their efforts are not in vain.

I believe that Baru Bian and his team have tried their very best. This time around, we Sarawakians must do our part to help out as well.

Things can only be straightened out after the corrupted ones are removed from the office since the executive & judiciary system as well as mainstream media is currently controlled by the ruling government.

If it is due to lack of funding to reach the rural villagers/shortwave radios/etc., I will share Baru Bian's efforts on FB to appeal for assistance/donation/dissemination of information.

The present and future may seemed bleak for now but things WILL get better. Have faith. It is the people that have to try harder this time. We may not be able to travel to rural areas to educate the villagers but there must be something else that we can do. We contribute whatever we can.

Winston said...

Debbie, it's not that Malaysians don't try hard enough.
Especially the opposition parties.
They have put up a fantastic fight in this GE!!!
Even right into the heart of the UMNO/BN fortresses.
No, it's definitely not for lack of trying.
And certainly not for lack of good leadership.
For which PR has a surfeit!!!
But it's the system.
I have said before many times that throughout it's history, UMNO, under their Chief Devil has been bending all the laws and institutions as well as changing the constitution, to ensure they will win in the GE!
And Malaysians have been conceding every time the shenanigans of the crooks have won them the elections!
Time and again!!
All efforts must be made NOW to change the equation as far as the election fundamentals are concerned so that the scums will not be at it again.
We simply cannot afford to go on like this.

Debbie Lim said...


I think you have misunderstood my point. In my post, I did acknowledge Baru Bian and his team's hard work and PR's success in gaining more seats. When I mentioned "people" and "Sarawakians", I meant to say that the general public isn't doing enough to help PR win more in terms of funding and helping to educate people. We (the public) could have done more.

I know there are people who have gone back to their kampung to help educate their relatives, my uncle included but it was very difficult (though not impossible) due to years of brainwashing. So I do know to some extent, although limited, what Baru Bian has to deal with. Those supporting BN actually tried to dupe the villagers (opposition supporters) by telling them to mark an X for the candidate they don't like. Heck, I even have relatives who still supported SUPP even though they have access to the Internet. How infuriating! Despite this we mustn't give up. People do change but at their own speed.

I have also mentioned in my previous comment that the executive and judiciary power and the mainstream media is owned by BN so I am aware that the system is crooked and the election is foul. Though many have found elections pointless since BN can still win with a weak mandate (and through cheating as well), we still have to change the government the democratic way either through continuous protesting for an even cleaner election or through international intervention (though quite unlikely) because it is the right thing to do.

Through this election, we have learned how dirty BN can be so we'll be more prepared next time and think of ways to counter-attack whatever tricks they might have up their sleeves. The 2008 tsunami was a surprise to all and people soon expect to see more changes in 5 years time. It's not a realistic expectation, especially for Sarawak. This is only our "first" election since 2008. There are more changes to come. They are getting desperate and have started using the race card, threatening the Chinese and punishing us for supporting the opposition. The more panic they get, the more they reveal themselves so let's watch from the sideline first while PR conducts their postmortem and decide which course of action to take. We will in turn, give them the full support, whatever it is, that they need.

Winston, what efforts do you propose in order " to change the equation", as you put it?

Winston said...

Winston, what efforts do you propose in order " to change the equation", as you put it? - End of quote

Debbie, I think all avenues must be explored, no matter how "long shot" they may be.
First off, if I'm not mistaken, Bersih may be holding rallies to protest the fraudulent GE.
Then, Anwar is supposed to rally the masses this evening to address the situation.
Court proceedings to scrub the fraudulent GE may be taken, although it is an even "longer shot"!!!
However, given the situation in this country, those in power will not willingly give up power even if they lost by a massive margin.
Because as it is now, they have the gravy train all to themselves and what's even more important, they are "untouchable"!!!!
I may be too idealistic!!!

Winston said...

I think that putting a cross against the name of the party one wanted to elect is counter intuitive.
In fact, at every election, I have a queasy feeling that this is rather odd!
Usually, you don't cross out the name of a person, or party that you favour.
How did this rather odd practice came about?

Debbie Lim said...

Yes, Anwar did hold a peaceful assembly at the Kelana Jaya stadium just now and I was there! My goodness, it was such an overwhelming experience! I'll post about it in my blog later.

And yes, I find it odd too since we were taught to put a cross for something that was false and give a tick for the right answer/to select our option. Very odd indeed!