The detention of pro-Pakatan Rakyat blogger Milo Suam under the Official Secrets Act (OSA) proves that the document that he posted in his blog is actually authentic, claimed PKR vice-president R Sivarasa.

NONEThe police told the court today that they are investigating him over a blog post ‘Maklumat sulit: Pendatang asing bakal cetus huru hara di Sabah’ (Confidential information: Foreigners to cause chaos in Sabah) posted on April 23.

In the post, Milo Suam included an image of a confidential police document warning that 1,400 foreigners are set to cause chaos in Kota Kinabalu and Tawau.

"Now that they are investigating him under  the OSA, that authenticates the claim made in this document. 

“Why hasn't the Malaysian public informed about this?" asked Sivarasa.

He added that the police are changing their reasons for Milo Suam's detention; previous reports indicated that he was being detained over a blog post regarding early voting ballots.

According to him, the police are looking to extend the remand for the blogger, whose real name is Yusuf Al Siddique, at least for two more days even though it has expired today.

Sivarasa also said that in the blog post, Milo Suam had written there that he could not authenticate the document and is merely posing a question.

In the post, the blogger also mentions that the document was made available through a chain e-mail thread fowarded to him.

"How can you arrest someone who had written things this way?" he asked.

Sivarasa said that the police should either release the blogger - who was detained on Sunday - or charge him in court, and not delay the process further.

"For me this is a mala fide act. It was an arrest made with political motives," he added.

He also said that should Pakatan form the federal government after the polls which are due on Sunday, Pakatan would abolish the OSA and replace it with the Freedom of Information Act.

~ Malaysiakini