Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pakatan claims it has proof of electoral fraud

SIBU: Pakatan Rakyat has claimed it has strong evidence of electoral fraud in predominantly Dayak parliamentary seats in Sarawak on polling day.

Lanang PKR chief George Chen told a press conference here yesterday that for instance, in the Kanowit parliamentary seat, they had lodged two police reports on such cases.

“We have also one 26-second video clip on the fraud which happened in Kanowit on polling day.

“A certain person identified as Liew had on that day at Tieng Sing Primary School offered voters RM30 to vote for the BN candidate,” he added.

He also claimed that Pakatan candidates had lost badly in Dayak areas where some of the returning officers had helped the elderly to vote.

“We have strong evidence that these returning officers were actually helping the voters to vote for BN candidates.

“When our polling agents saw this and tried to interrupt, the ROs prevented them from going into the voting station,” he added.

Nationwide, he said Pakatan had identified a total of 27 constituencies where fraud occurred and where the Opposition would be bringing the matter to court.

Among the 27 constituencies are Baram, Saratok and Kanowit in Sarawak.

Despite their defeat, Chen said the support of the Dayaks towards Pakatan had actually increased compared to the 2008 election.

He gave Machan and Ngemah in Kanowit as examples where Pakatan saw an in-crease by more than 2,000 votes from the Dayaks.

“We would like to thank Dayak voters for their support given to our Kanowit candidate, Thomas Laja.

“Despite our defeat, we will still continue to champion their interests,” he added.

~ The Star

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