Tuesday, May 21, 2013

'Now, brace yourselves for GST'

Harakahdaily,20 May 2013

May 20: Pakatan Rakyat's repeated warning prior to the general election that a Barisan Nasional victory would pave the way for the good and services tax is now set to be realised, said DAP's Kluang member of parliament Liew Chin Tong.

Liew referred to the statement by minister in Prime Minister's Department Idris Jala at a recent forum, where he said at a rate of 7%, the GST would enable the government to collect some RM27 billion from the public.

Liew further said that the appointment of Ahmad Mazlan as deputy Finance minister was meant to "coordinate propaganda for the implementation of GST."

"It seems that the implementation of GST is top on Najib's list after the elections," said Liew, who also heads DAP's Political Education unit.

Liew reminded that since 2005 during Abdullah Badawi's premiership, BN had been wanting to implement the GST.

"With Idris Jala's latest revelation, the Barisan Nasional Government is finally letting the goods and services tax (GST) cat out of the bag," he said, while adding that the Pakatan Rakyat's formula to improve the government's finances was through reduction of corruption, wastage and cronyism.

Liew also referred to what he called "coded signals" in Paragraphs 80 to 83 of the budget speech by Najib last year

In October 2012, Pakatan Rakyat leaders issued a joint statement opposing the implementation of GST, saying the government had no moral right to impose any new tax on Malaysia's consuming public while allowing "systemic corruption and cronyism"

~ Harakah Daily

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