Friday, May 17, 2013

Home minister's first words of wisdom: Migrate if you hate fraudulent elections

Harakahdaily,16 May 2013

May 16: Newly-minted Home minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (pic) has this to announce to Malaysians who have been expressing anger over the controversial manner the just-concluded general election was conducted: migrate.

Writing in UMNO organ Utusan Malaysia, Zahid urged those not happy with the country's electoral system to migrate to other countries whose electoral systems are based on popular votes.

In the polls, Barisan Nasional garnered less overall votes than Pakatan Rakyat despite getting some twenty more seats to form the Federal government. Following a spate of incidents on polling day pointing to manipulation of votes by the Election Commission, Pakatan Rakyat has been organising rallies to highlight frauds. A special committee was also formed to gather evidences of frauds involving 27 parliamentary seats won by BN.

Zahid, admitting that BN was less popular, however said PR was over-confident that the people were behind the coalition.

“So what if the opposition obtained bigger majority, when the measurement used by them is manipulated according to the list system or single transferable vote?” asked the former Defence minister, who swapped places with Hishamuddin Hussein in the newly announced cabinet line-up.

The UMNO vice president also urged those disputing the election results to accept defeat, saying the country's electoral system had been in practice since independence.

Zahid also pointed out that the Election Commission had obliged demands by electoral reform activists to implement the indelible ink during voting.

He however made no mention of the discovery on polling day that the ink was washable.
~ Harakah Daily

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Winston said...

Ah, this guy is a really wise guy.
If my memory doesn't fail me, he was the one who got cold feet when he had to board one of the "unsinkable" submarines bought by Defense Ministry, after it was repaired.
Although the invited opposition members led by LGE boarded it!!!
And for all everyone knew, the whole affair was covered by the press.
So, how can the armed forces trust even those from their own ministry???
These then, are the jokers running (ruining??) the country!!!!