YOURSAY 'I was there. This is truly a Malaysian thing. Move over BN and your racist overtures. The times they are a changin'.'

120,000 show of force at post-GE13 rally

your sayOdin: The decision to hold this rally was made practically at the last minute. There was no time for sophisticated arrangements to be made for it. The organisers and would-be participants were threatened with arrest.

There were no cash handouts, no free food and drinks, no door gifts, no nothing. It was raining. Yet, more than 100,000 people of all races from many parts of the country braved the rain and the traffic jams to participate.

The crooks and charlatans that made this rally necessary, most of whom are overweight from gorging on the fat of the land they have snatched or stolen from the populace, ought to be ashamed of themselves.

But, of course, they are not. Because animals inhabiting the lowest animal kingdom have no such sense.

Speechless: It was truly a multiracial rally, which represented the voting population in urban Malaysia. I wonder where PM Najib Razak got the idea that there was a Chinese tsunami in GE13.

Certainly from where I was standing in Kelana Jaya stadium, I saw many Malays and Indians as well, and many young Malaysians shouting for free and fair elections, and a legitimate government.

Ferdtan: I just got back at 2am. It was a truly exciting event. The crowd was wonderful. The rain did not dampen the spirit and enthusiasm of the Pakatan Rakyat supporters there. Many of them were young people - a welcoming sign for the future of Malaysia.

No longer is it a case of blaming our youngsters of showing apathy of the political situation in this country. Pakatan leaders must invest more time and money to attract them into their fold. The future of the country is in their hands.

It is not necessary getting them involved in active politics, but a kind of social groupings to train them leadership skills. Thus we can fall back to this pool of talents when they are needed to lead in the next general election.

We have to look forward. The work starts now.

1Mockery: We started from Petaling Jaya Hilton at 8pm and were unable to make it to the venue due to the traffic jam.

We made a detour into the Subang airport road and my God, we saw people parking their cars on the main road and walked a few kilometers to the venue, and the cars were parked all the way to Caltex Glenmarie.

Looking at this I, too, agree that this manipulative win by BN would not last long.

Swipenter: The corrupt, divisive and cheating Umno-dominated government has united Malaysians. The huge crowd was multiracial from all walks of life comprising of the young to the not-very-young.

The traffic jam must be massive as it had spilled into where I live, which is a few kilometres from Kelana Jaya stadium but nobody was complaining. What "Chinese tsunami" is Najib, Umno andUtusan Malaysia talking about?

They are trying again to make the Chinese Malaysians bogeyman for the ills afflicting our country. This is definitely a Malaysian/urban tsunami. The well-informed Malaysians are not buying into the racial game Umno is playing.

The rakyat have finally arrived and found their voice and it all started with the Bersih movement. But corrupt, divisive and cheating Umno is still not listening or refuses to listen to the voice of the rakyat.

JT1E80: Well, perhaps the Chinese have woken up later than they should - but they have woken up.

The beautiful thing is that there is now something that has finally united the people. And that something is the unified distrust and dislike for a corrupt government.

Finally, we can see what it means to be Malaysian and not Malay, or Chinese or Indian or whatever. It is time to be rid of the corrupt, illegitimate Umno-BN government.

Mahashitla: Why were there no traffic policemen to direct traffic? Should Pakatan takes over Putrajaya, BN can rest assured that they will be provided with good police services should they also want to stage rallies.

We are a democratic country and we expect the government to behave like one.

SaveMalaysiaNow: Statistics show that Pakatan won an astounding 1,744,616 of the total of 2,660,329 votes in the combined Selangor and Federal Territory parliamentary constituencies.

That equals to a massive 67 percent of the Malay/Chinese/Indian popular votes. That itself shows how badly BN performed in the richest and most urbanised state in Malaysia.

Don't insult our intelligence, Najib. You not only lost badly but also conceded a further eight state seats to make the final tally: Pakatan 44, BN 12.

ACR: I just returned from the stadium. I live in the vicinity and the stadium's capacity is 50,000. But on Wednesday, I would say it was double that. We couldn't go in nor come out, you could have fainted in the heat and sweat.

The organisers made everyone sit down on the tarmac. Once seated, you wouldn't be able to get up. Once standing, you wouldn't be able to move. You would have your 1sqft by 1sqft of space to stand.

The crowd was multiracial with exceedingly witty placards. I am writing this at 11.50pm (Wednesday night) and there is still a gridlock outside.

Najib and Umno can never dream of getting this crowd even if they cater the most expensive dishes for 'bersantai', an act BN has mastered. It is only so long you can deny the people their rights and choice. Good luck, Najib.

Iamleaving: I was there and just returned. This is truly a Malaysian thing. Move over BN and your racist overtures. The times they are a changin'.

Hacks: The traffic was crawling, even if you were on a motorbike. Looking at the mixture of crowd, there's no way May 13 type racial tension could be repeated.

A middle-aged Chinese man was seen kissing a PAS flag hanging out from a Kancil window. Whilst Malay teenagers carried DAP flags on motorbikes. I think BN is going to fall due to electoral fraud.

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