Saturday, May 18, 2013

BINGO! Photos show payouts linked to BN winning seats

Continuing our expose, we present compelling photographic evidence that the post-polls payouts in Penang were linked to state seats which the BN had won.
The notice shows a series of numbers that correspond with Umno-BN winning seats in Penang. That’s Bayan Baru MP Sim Tze Tzin and former Penang Speaker Abdul Halim (who was defeated in N40 Teluk Bahang) next to the notice.
Study the numbers in the pale yellow notice stuck on the shutter of a shoplot off Jalan Sungai Dua in Penang, where the payouts were being made over three days last weekend. How many numbers in the two columns of the notice? Ten, right.
The BN won ten state seats in Penang out of 40. Coincidence?
Now compare each number (N1, N2, N3, N4, N5, N6, N21, N38, N39 and N40) with the election results of the state seats bearing the same numbers, which can be found on the Election Commission website. Go on, check it out yourself. Select “Pulau Pinang” under “Sila Pilih DUN untuk negeri”. You will see that all 10 seats were won by Umno-BN! Still a coincidence?
Moreover, a few of those who had turned up hoping to collect their money confirmed that the payments were only meant for those in areas where the BN had won.
The long line of people queuing up to collect their money. The payments were made over three full days – nine doors away from a police station.
Waiting patiently to collect their money.
Can you imagine something like this happening?
Former Penang Speaker Abdul Halim and Bayan Baru MP Sim Tze Tzin were left speechless!
Now who is behind this scheme?
Abdul Halim (left) and Sim (right) speak to a youth facilitating the payouts. We have blurred his face as he could be a juvenile.
One of those facilitating the payouts, a youth in a red T-shirt, didn’t recognise Sim and Abdul Halim. The youth told the two politicians that the people lining up didn’t need to produce a voucher; the organisers would check their names against their own database.
Unbelievable: These were the vouchers that many in line were clutching.
One person who had turned up to collect his money or out of curiosity told the Aliran special investigation team that the vouchers were obtained during a 1Malaysia dinner. When asked whether these vouchers were related to the 1Malaysia lucky draws, he said, “Tak, ada satu meja ditepi di mana kami kena daftar.”
Another Penangite told an Aliran member:
This is true. BN held several (yes, SEVERAL) 1Malaysia dinners at Teluk Bahang (N40). I attended one just out of curiousity … the  reps there gave the people RM160 vouchers and told them they could cash it when BN wins. I only stayed for a few minutes and felt that the whole experience was nauseating … enough for me to leave.
That is vote buying.
Some of the people outside the shoplot which has a Celcom sign.
When a member of the Aliran special investigation team entered the little lot at the ground floor, he was told by one of the two men at the counter: “Empat ekor.”
But the numbers on the notice outside are certainly not four-digit numbers!
Reports have been lodged – but so far, not a squeak from the authorities
~ Aliran


Winston said...

The goddam bastards are very brazen!!!
And all the time during the GE, they were spewing out promises of clean and fair elections.
All those seats won by them are now suspect.
The best thing is to have re-elections in all of them under the auspices of renown arbitrators.
This whole matter must be straightened out now and not be pushed to GE14 as the scums have been promising rectification then.

Winston said...

Shouldn't these frauds be arrested pronto??
Why are they still free???
This means the ruling party is free to commit any crime it wants???

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