Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Old Man is losing his cool it seems.


The cracks are beginning to show. Taib is losing his cool in public, which is rare. Very rare.

So what does this indicate? Body language experts can read all sorts of into this sudden behavioural pattern change; from the super-cool and super-confident Taib to a now agitated Taib, retorting back to even the journalist doing his job! But it does not take body language experts to deduce that the once indomitable and formidable strongman of PBB is now succumbing to the intense pressures from within and without.

From within, BN Sarawak is crumbling. SPDP grassroots are in open revolt against their own President. PRS is haemorrhaging on all fronts and now Masing has to publicly reprimand his own YB to toe party line and support the party candidate in his constituency instead of supporting his father. PBB’s factional in-fighting has spilled onto the verandahs of kampung homes all over the state.  SUPP is as good as stale double-boiled soup. From without, Sarawak Report, Radio Free Sarawak, Radio Free Malaysia, multitudes of facebook groups and the recent devastating Global Witness video have already turned the tide in Taib’s disfavour.

Can Taib deliver Sarawak to Najib on a golden-platter lined with platinum and studded with precious stones this time?

No wonder Taib is losing his cool. And who does he lash out against? He lashes out at Lim Guan Eng, the caretaker Chief Minister of Penang who recently announced in Sibu that Taib would be replaced when Pakatan Rakyat takes over Putrajaya. And for good measure, Taib also throws in the red herring of HUDUD to distract the populace.

Old trick, Taib.

For starters, HUDUD only applies to MUSLIMS. Non-Muslims are exempted. Why do I say exempted? I say exempted because in Malaysia, we have the Civil Courts and the Islamic Courts. IF HUDUD is implemented, and say a non-Muslim Datin had her precious and very expensive diamonds stolen, she could opt to either prosecute the thief in the Civil Courts where the worst he would get is a jail term or she could opt to prosecute him in the Islamic Courts – where he would have his hand chopped off if found guilty. If you were that non-Muslim Datin, which Court would you opt for?

And only criminals would fear HUDUD. If you are a law abiding citizen, what is there to fear?

Secondly, to implement HUDUD, the Federal Constitution needs to be amended. And as any lawyer will tell you, the Federal Constitution can only be amended with a two-thirds majority. Even if Pakatan Rakyat gets a two-thirds majority in Parliament, do you seriously think one party in the coalition will get its way without the consensus of the other parties in Pakatan Rakyat? 

Even if UMNO were to go back on its words and suddenly support HUDUD by teaming up with one of the coalition parties to push HUDUD in Parliament (which is next to impossible because that would be the ultimate nail in UMNO’s coffin), would they have two-thirds? How many seats exactly is two-thirds? 148 seats.  Do the maths.

So do not be distracted by HUDUD. Let us get back to what really matters; Taib’s agitation and his cunning method stale trick and outdated over-used ploy of trying to throw in the red herring of HUDUD to distract us. 

He said he could not be removed from the post (chief minister) because the state BN won two-thirds majority in the 2011 state election.

“Remove me by rebellion? Who is to remove him (Lim)? This is the talk of a dictator. He (Lim) does not know the constitution,” said a clearly agitated Taib.

I beg to differ and therefore do kindly allow me to gently correct you, Taib. You can be removed. Just like how Stephen Kalong Ningkan was removed.

No.1 No one disputes that BN Sarawak won two-thirds majority at the last state election in 2011, and by virtue of the fact that you enjoy the two-thirds majority support of House, you are Chief Minister.  And when Pakatan Rakyat wins Putrajaya, we cannot force you out of office. That is clear in the Sarawak State Constitution. As long as you enjoy the support of the majority of the House.

BUT…what if SPDP and PRS and the majority of PBB Yang Berhormats suddenly decide to cross the floor overnight on the 6th of May, and you lose the support of the majority of the House? In your words, “rebellion” would ensue. In our words, “justice has prevailed.” The Sarawak State Constitution is clear. Whomever enjoys the majority support of the house gets to become Chief Minister. What if all your men and women who have crossed over rallied around YB Baru Bian and overwhelmingly throw their support to him, thereby in one fell swoop making him the new Chief Minister? Do you then say the Sarawak State Constitution is wrong and refuse to accept defeat? 

(Looks like the ghost of the late Stephen Kalong Ningkan is lurking in the corner to see revenge finally executed justly…)

No.2 Let us say no “rebellion” ensues and your men and women in the august house remain loyal to you. So nobody crosses the floor. And you remain Chief Minister.

BUT…when the new Pakatan Rakyat Prime Minister at Putrajaya revamps the ‘naughty’ MACC, the Attorney-General’s Office and the PDRM respectively and tells them to do their job without fear or favour, and then they all take the first flight to Kuching to investigate you, interrogate you and file charges against you? What then? Are you above the law? And if you are found guilty as charged, do you think you will still remain as Chief Minister?

In conclusion, it is clear that you think you still have the power and influence to scare the public. Welcome to the 21st century, Taib. The people are educated. The people have access to news at their fingertips. Gone are the days when you could cower us into terrified fear by telling us lies and threatening to rottan us if we are naughty.

Now, it is you whom is fearful. And how do we know that? By your own recent not-so-cool behaviour in public. Guess who is holding the rottan now?


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