Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Bogeyman cometh!

Last night, at 4.05am in the morning, I received an SMS from one of my former staff. One of the cooks in the kitchen. A young man of 23. He said, "Boss sorry to disturb if pembangkan win in sarawak. Does the umno masuk srawak?"

My reply was simple, "No."

Then he sent another SMS, "Reli? How come? Just simple explanation."

Now this was at 4.06am in the morning, and most people would just wait till a more appropriate time to reply.

But I got up, sat in bed, and typed this reply, "Because UMNO is already in Sarawak but goes by a different name...PBB. Different names but exactly same ideals and principles. Taib and UMNO make deal. So once we get rid of Taib, we get rid of UMNO too."

And he replied, "Ok2..thnks.."

Which got me thinking. How and why did a politically unaware kid who has not even registered to vote suddenly asked me this question. Someone must be feeding him the propaganda that UMNO will take over Sarawak if the Opposition wins. Someone must be spreading this lie to scare the hell out of these kids. UMNO is the bogeyman, so suggests PBB, and PBB has always covertly portrayed that it is the only barrier to UMNO (Read: West Malaysians) entering Sarawak.

So, what do you think, dear reader?

Will UMNO come to Sarawak if the Opposition wins or is UMNO already in Sarawak via a proxy? More importantly, what are we doing to counter this dangerous propaganda that is reaching these kids?


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