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SUPP women chief’s ‘filthy language’ offends opposition

Joseph Tawie

April 22, 2013
Voters returning to Sarawak to vote should be 'saluted and not derided', says Sarawak PKR.
KUCHING: Looks like Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP), which is already facing an uphill battle in its seven parliamentary seats in the May 5 general election, has dug its own grave with the latest remark from its women’s wing chief Amy Tnay Li Peng.
Tnay had during a ceramah here last Friday, apparently used “downright filthy language” on Malaysians and Sarawakians heeding the call of the opposition to return home to cast their votes.
Her outpouring in Mandarin which allegedly described returning voters as “irresponsible” was posted on YouTube and has since gone viral.
Tnay believed returning voters would vote against Barisan Nasional.
The video is now worrying candidates aiming to either retain their seats or wrest them from the opposition.
Incumbents in this polls are Richard Riot (Serian), Yong Khoon Seng (Stampin), Ding Kuo Kuong Hiing (Sarikei) and Tiong Thai King (Lanang).
New BN-SUPP’s Miri candidate Sebastian Ting is also aiming to retain the seat won by SUPP president Peter Chin in the 2008 polls.
The party is aiming to wrest Bandar Kuching and Bandar Sibu from DAP. Candidates for both these seats are Tan Kai and Vincent Lau respectively.
Commenting on the video today, Sarawak PKR vice-president See Chee How said Tnay had showed that she is “politically immature”.
“The language she used was downright filthy and inconsiderate, most unbecoming of a political leader,” said See, demanding that Tnay apologise to all Malaysians and Sarawakians in particular.
Shocking perspective
See said it was shocking to hear Tnay ridicule Malaysians returning to vote.
“Tnay holds an important position in SUPP, as the new women chief. But I am more concerned with her being a young political aspirant.
“In the video clip, Tnay was ridiculing and scorning the public appeal and campaign in social media for voters to return home to vote in this coming general election and taunting those who are coming back to vote as irresponsible.
“To vote in an election is a voter’s sacred duty and a show of love and concern for the country.
“Particularly these voters who are working abroad and are now taking leave and spending their money to return to vote in our coming election.
“These citizens should be saluted not derided,” said See.
See, who is also the Batu Lintang state assemblyman, said that as political leaders, politicians should welcome and encourage such patriotic endeavour.
“We are pleased that there are more youths interested in politics, shouldering the responsibility of nation-building through the political process.
“However, new and young political aspirants must be cautious and humble, to learn from the seniors and others to make sure that they inculcate in themselves the right and proper political ideology and culture which are necessary to bring the whole country forward,” he said.
Clean and Just’ SUPP
Meanwhile, DAP secretary-general Chong Chieng Jen found the SUPP election slogan – clean and just – touted by SUPP candidates amusing and ironical.
Billboards bearing these slogans have sprouted in Bandar Kuching and Stamping parliamentary constituencies where SUPP candidates are contesting.
Said Chong: “I am glad to see their election ‘clean and just’ slogan, although I have a lot of reservation on how they are going to implement or honour this pledge given what past history has shown.
“Even Abdullah Ahmad Badawi [former prime minister] was not able to change this culture of corruption in BN.
“The [current] Prime Minister [Najib Tun Razak] also cannot change this culture. How can these two SUPP candidates change this culture? ” he said.
Nonetheless, Chong said both the SUPP candidates could prove their respective commitment to truth and transparency by clarifying their stand on “certain issues and actions” of the Taib Mahmud-led government.
The “issues”, he said, were the recent exposure by the London-based NGO Global Witness that the state government had alienated 5,000 hectares of land to Ample Agro Sdn Bhd at a price of RM300 to RM400 per acre and which the company tried to sell at RM5,000 per acre.
Referring to Taib’s refusal to cooperate with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency on the issue, Chong asked: “My question is what is SUPP candidates’ stand on this?”
He also asked SUPP to state their stand on other similar land scams and crony practices in the state involving Taib and his family-linked companies.
“I urge them to show their sincerity based on their ‘clean and just’ slogan. The common people of Sarawak want to know their and their party’s stand,” he said.
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