Wednesday, April 24, 2013

PKR independents told to apologise or face sack

Lisa J. Ariffin

April 24, 2013
PKR members contesting as independent candidates given until 5pm tomorrow to apologise publicly or be expelled from the party.
PETALING JAYA: PKR has given party members contesting in the general election as independent candidates until tomorrow to openly apologise or face the sack.
Its president, Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, said about 20 independents who are also PKR members will be given until 5pm tomorrow to openly apologise and give a written apology to the party.
“They must withdraw their candidacy and issue an apology to the party by 5pm tomorrow,” Wan Azizah told a press conference at the PKR headquarters here.
“This action of turning against the party, and contesting against candidates announced by the party leadership is unacceptable,” she added.
Wan Azizah said the candidates were in fact, “sacked with immediate effect the moment they decided to stand as independents against the party”.
However, she acknowledged that PKR’s disciplinary committee was still talking and negotiating with independent candidates.
“The struggle is beyond individual glory and ego,” she said. “We must stand with the party and the rakyat to defeat Umno and BN.”

Recalcitrant members
PKR vice-president Tian Chua mirrored her sentiments: “We will not tolerate these actions because the party must stand as one.”
“Any member found campaigning against any Pakatan Rakyat candidate, will be considered as going against the party and disciplinary action will be taken,” he warned.
The upcoming 13th general election in May has seen the most number of multi-cornered fights and independent candidates in the history of elections in Malaysia.
Umno currently has the most number of recalcitrant members standing as independents, and 61 have been sacked.
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