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Longhouse chiefs: Land shown in Global Witness video exists

Posted on April 13, 2013, Saturday
SOLID PROOF: An extract of the document detailing the land highlighted by the controversial Global Witness’s video.
Tuai Rumah Pius Juyuk
Tuai Rumah Banggom Alan

SARIKEI: The piece of , land in Julau which was highlighted in the controversial video produced by London-based Global Witness exists.

Two longhouse chiefs from Julau, who is laying claim on part of the said land, said details of the land shown in the video were genuine.

Tuai Rumah Banggom Alan from Nanga Bangkit Ulu Entabai and Tuai Rumah Pius Juyuk showed a copy of land details to The Borneo Post yesterday to prove their claim.

They decided to come forward after reading Minister of Land Development Tan Sri Dr James Masing’s remarks, which was front-paged by The Borneo Post yesterday, that he doubted the existence of the land.

Masing said most of the land around that area (in Julau) had been cultivated by shifting cultivators for more than a century as it was one of the earliest settlements in the state, and as such there was no more timber of value left.

“I know Julau land very well; it is very hilly and undulated and, therefore, it is not suitable for agricultural purposes. Only a stupid fool will buy it,” said Masing.

Based on an extract of the document, the land comprising an area of approximately 5,000 hectares is located in Section/Block No. 018 and Parcel/Lot No. 00002 of Tekoyong Land District.

It has been issued to a company as a Provisional Lease of State Land for a period of 60 years – from February 8, 2011, to February 7, 2071.

The land is classified as Mixed Zone Land, categorised as Country Land and is meant for agricultural purposes. Its annual rent is RM12,500.

Banggom and Pius claimed they did not know the ‘new’ owners of the said land. “We are only interested in the land as we believe part of it is our native customary right (NCR) land.

“It is our hope that we will get it when the Land and Survey Department carries out a perimeter survey later on”.
They added that they were told the land had not been surveyed yet.

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