Using a strategy it has undertaken in peninsular Malaysia, the BN has taken up advertisements in Chinese language dailies distributing in Sabah and Sarawak to attack PAS on the issue of hudud.

The half-page advertisements have been spotted in major Chinese dailies including See Hua Daily, Overseas Chinese Daily News, andAsia Times over the past few days.

NONE“Never assume that a PAS take-over will never affect your lifestyle!” the advertisements read.

Yesterday’s edition features a picture of a person wearing red lipstick and red nail polish with the caption “Now you life is colourful”.

Next to that is a picture of a finger without nail polish on pale lips, captioned: “It would be like this if or when PAS takes over!”

On Monday, the advertisement featured a group of young people having alcoholic drinks, warning that a PAS rule will see an end to this.

NONEToday, the BN advertisement showed a man getting a haircut from a pretty woman in one picture, while the other shows him getting a haircut an from unkempt-looking man.

This is likely a reference to a local council ban in Kelantan against unisex hair salons.

‘Scare tactic’

Referring to the advertisements that were also featured in Sandakan’s local Chinese-language newspaper Merdeka Daily News, PAS’ Tanjong Aru candidate Hamid Ismail has today condemned the adverts, adding that BN is engaging in a scare tactic to divide and rule society.

NONE“This is a scare tactic to frighten non-Muslims. I challenge them to put up these ads in the Malay and English newspapers in Malaysia.

“Let the Muslims decide. It is an insult to Islam,” Hamid (right) told reporters at a press conference.

The lawyer said added that Pakatan Rakyat’s agenda is not hudud but “justice for all as stated in the federal constitution”.

“PAS has been consistent about this in the peninsular and Sabah and Sarawak.

“I advice against the use of hudud, race and religion to get votes. Sabah is a very harmonious place... don’t try to create racial tension,” he said before launching the party’s operation room in Asia City, Kota Kinabalu.

The newcomer will be contesting against PBS vice-president and double-term incumbent Edward Yong.

In 2008, Yong won in a three-corner fight against PKR and DAP, with a majority of 2,960.
Tanjong Aru is a Muslim-majority constituency within the parliamentary constituency of Putatan, with Muslim bumiputera making up 58 percent of voters, while the Chinese make up 27 percent and non-Muslim bumiputera 12 percent.

~ Malaysiakini