Elections reform watchdog has chastised the BN for fear mongering and misuse of government resources for partisan campaigning.

"The are still attempts by BN leaders to create fear in the populace by saying that a change of government will cause disruptions," said Irene Fernendez at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur today.

NONEFernandez (right), who co-chairs Bersih's special committee that monitors political violence and caretaker government, said that instead of such innuendos, all parties should return to the campaign trail bearing information and arguments on their plans and policies.

"(This is) So that the rakyat can make an informed choice," she reasoned.

Meanwhile fellow committee co-chair Zaid Kamaruddin has accused the federal government of continuing to abuse government resources for electoral campaigning.

In particular, pointing out "flagrant" violations involving the alleged usage of the Kuala Lumpur City Hall to help caretaker Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing Minister Raja Nong Chik Zainal Abidin in his bid to capture the Lembah Pantai parliamentary seat.

Rise in political violence

The committee also listed other violations that it claimed had breached caretaker government ethics, with BN leaders continuing to give out allocations or promise them to the electorate.

Zaid also expressed the committee's concern over the rise in cases of political violence, even though nominations and the campaigning period had yet to start.

generation 709 220711 zaid kamaruddinHe also acknowledged the response from the Pakatan-led Selangor administration on the committee's previous notice of infringements of the caretaker government guidelines with similar announcements of allocations while in its caretaker status.

Zaid (left) accepted their explanation that the allocations were decided before the state government went into caretaker mode, and reminded the interim government to be “more prudent” even with the guidelines and interim government being a "grey area".

"Decisions taken before the dissolution can be announced and carried out by civil servants instead of the incumbent elected representatives," he said.

Of late, BN leaders have been coming out with statements warning of potential disruptions to the people’s daily lives in the event of a regime change, going as far as to accuse the Pakatan coalition of planning disturbances on polling day.

Meanwhile, cases of political violence continue to occur, with many allegedly being perpetrated by BN supporters.

At the moment, both sides though - Pakatan and BN - stand accused of misusing state or federal government assets for political campaigns.

~ Malaysiakini