Thursday, March 21, 2013

Villagers complain their NCR land being encroached into

KUCHING: Residents of several villages in Jalan Puncak Borneo want the authority to step in and investigate their claim that someone has encroached into their NCR land without their knowledge.

Folk of Kampung Sikog, Mambong, Bratan (Sibatuh), Bratan (Rabak Asah), Bratan and Punau (Tawang Baa) said that their NCR land at Simboh/Grumbing/Baa Mountains had been encroached into and have approached aspiring PKR candidate Willie Mongin for assistance.

Willie said the villagers were never consulted nor was there any prior notice given to them while their headmen said they too had no clue about the surveying work being conducted in their midst.

“As a result, their fruit trees and their crops were destroyed when the surveying work was conducted in their communal forest, territorial domain and farm land. During a site visit recently, we also found that the villagers’ concerns were valid,” Willie said through a press statement yesterday.

He added that they also found belian pegs stuck to the ground during the visit.

“We managed to meet with the staff of the survey company at the site and we were told that they came from Resources Survey Sdn Bhd which was conducting a survey on behalf of CMS Clinker Sdn Bhd.

“Now, the villagers want CMS Clinker to explain to them the purpose of the surveying work. A check with the Land and Survey Department, a survey job was already given in the early 1990s under reference number S.J 1D/32/95 (MP1/30-93/4&5) which defines that only part of the Simboh/Grumbing/Baa Mountains were surveyed as the quarry concessions area and not for the whole mountains”.

He said the affected villagers, the majority of them Bidayuh and a handful Chinese from Rabak Asah, were urging the Land and Survey Department to investigate further.

“The Land and Survey Department must also come out with an explanation. At this stage, the villagers are strongly protesting the encroachment of their communal forest, territorial domain and farm land. They also urge CMS Clinker to stop their activities on their land with immediate effect.”

~ The Borneo Post

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