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Rafizi: Blogger’s ex-wife to expose identity in court soon

MARCH 26, 2013
Rafizi claimed he was now in possession of Papa Gomo’s immigration records. - Fiile picPETALING JAYA, March 26 — The ex-wife of “Papa Gomo” will soon testify against her former husband in court, and is expected to reveal the controversial blogger’s identity and details of how his pro-Umno blogsite was set up, PKR’s Rafizi Ramli claimed today.
The PKR strategy director also exposed more evidence to prove his earlier claim that “Papa Gomo” goes by the name Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris, was formerly a convicted corrupt policeman and a phantom voter.
He said his evidence and the court testimony of the blogger’s ex-wife Bellina Omar Sharifuddin Chin should sufficiently expose the dirt behind the true identity of “Papa Gomo”, a blogger allegedly hired by the ruling party to discredit opposition leaders using cyber warfare.
“Right now, the most famous fugitive in the country is Papa Gomo. But he claims he is not Papa Gomo,” Rafizi told a press conference at PKR’s headquarters here.
PKR leader claimed he was now in possession of Papa Gomo’s immigration records, which detail the latter’s movements to and from Malaysia since 2010, as well as anecdotal evidence of pictures taken from the blogger’s website, as well as his ex-wife’s blogs.
Rafizi said the immigration records, when compared to Papa Gomo’s or Wan Muhammad Azri’s voter registration records in the Election Commission’s (EC) database, proved that the man was once a phantom voter as he was registered as a voter twice under two identification cards - one using his former police IC, and another, using his civilian IC.
Both EC records, however, show different birth dates and spell out different names - Wan Muhd Azri Wan Deris, birth date April 8, 1983, under the police IC, and Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris, birthdate January 21, 1983, under the civilian IC.
Rafizi said that a check using both ICs with immigration records returned the same person, Wan Muhammad Azri, and showed that the man’s actual birthdate is on January 21, 1983.
“Therefore, it is only human for one to believe that there is a deliberate attempt to fudge some of his data on the EC database in order to obscure the detection of phantom voters,” the leader said.
He pointed out that the different spelling of Wan Muhammad Azri’s name in the two EC records, as well as the different birthdates, were likely a deliberate attempt to allow the man to vote twice in an election.
“We cannot just accept at face value the EC’s claim that this could have happened out of human or computer error... it cannot be computer error. If you read a MyKad chip, if gives you the exact data of an individual.
“When it is so different, it is either you made an iliterate key in the data or you deliberately keyed it in differently,” Rafizi said.
Explaining how he had drawn the link between Papa Gomo and Wan Muhammad Azri in the first place, Rafizi said that checks with old court documents had shown that all information and correspondence regarding Papa Gomo’s corruption court case, which used his fomer police IC, had been sent to an address in Danau Kota.
Further checks showed that the Danau Kota home was registered to the man’s civilian IC.
~ The Malaysian Insider

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