YOURSAY 'Sarawak CM Taib Mahmud is defending the indefensible by attacking the messenger and linking it to the perennial fall guy, Anwar.'

Taib fingers Anwar for Global Witness videos

your sayTehTarik: Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud should stop blaming others. You are as good as guilty if you are unable to defend yourself against the Global Witness accusations.

Also explain how you and your family have amassed wealth in the tens of billions, while a large number of your state's people are mired in poverty.

Explain how the wealth of one of your sons alone is over a billion, as mentioned in his divorce proceedings. Otherwise, we can conclude you are nothing more than a thief.

Ghkok: I think the fundamental questions are:

1) Did Taib, as head of the state Forestry Ministry, give land to his cousins?

2) On what terms were the lands given? Was there an open tender? How much was paid? Was it at market value? If not, why?

3) For what reason was the land given? Were the cousins planning to venture into farming? Were they planning to embark on say, eco-tourism, in partnership with the natives?

Were they planning to build a handicraft centre to produce the famous Sarawak native handicrafts, provide thousands of jobs to natives and showcase the art and culture of Sarawak? Or were they planning to just sell off the land and pocket the money?

4) How much land has been given away this way throughout the 33 years of Taib's rule? Who have they been given to? What have they done with the land? How much money have they made from it? How has this impacted the rakyat of Sarawak?

Answers, please.

Calvert Yap: Yes Taib, all those in the video are actors, not your cousins or cronies. Those stories about your wealth and your houses are all fabricated. Indeed, these houses are made of Lego.

You are an honest guy who has a young and hot wife who likes you for your good looks. The rakyat know that and we shall show our respect to you in the coming GE.

A4msia: Taib is defending the indefensible by attacking the messenger and linking it to the perennial fall guy, Anwar.

But why just accuse Anwar? Back your stand with facts if you think Global Witness is misleading the public. The video clip by itself is pretty damning. As they say, there's no smoke without a fire.

Krish: Frankly I am think Taib should not be wasting time looking for scapegoats.

If he thinks that the Global Witness revelations regarding corrupt practices in the granting of land are false, stop the finger pointing and commence legal proceedings immediately against the NGO and the actors in the video for gross misrepresentation of facts.

Everyone then would have their say in court.

Apa Nama: Taib, if you believe Anwar is the one responsible and the video is not true, then sue both Anwar and Global Witness. Do not simply issue denials and excuses.

We do not trust you until you win the legal battle against these two. Once both of them are proven wrong and you have cleared your name, then we can believe you.

Merely voicing out your frustration in the form of denials and finger pointing is actually an outdated strategy of defence. The Malaysian public is smarter than you, remember that.

Lionheart: The rule of thumb for BN is that if anything goes wrong, blame Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim and then challenge him to prove his innocence.

BN is morally, mentally, intellectually and politically bankrupt and can only resort to such desperate recourse.

NewMalaysia: It's all Anwar's fault; how convenient. What about PM Najib Razak using Malaysian taxpayers' money to bankroll the international media to slander and tarnish Anwar's reputation? Is that Anwar's fault also?

Taib, you and your family having such extraordinary wealth, is that also Anwar's fault?

Thetimeisnow: In the Lahad Datu fiasco, Najib blamed Anwar. When Taib's cronies are caught on video, Anwar was blamed.

Expect this blame game to continue for Umno-BN. To them everyone else is to be blamed, except themselves. Sorry Najib and Taib, the rakyat know that both of you are in fact the problem.
Dark Knight: Anwar is not the one who is bringing disrepute to Sarawak. You are, Taib.

You have damned the state through your greed and that of your family and cronies. If left unchecked, Sarawak would turn into a barren land devoid of all natural resources. The people would be the ultimate losers.

Lim Chong Leong: Taib, Global Witness did not make those statements, Anwar did not make those statements. Your cousins did.

So you are not on good terms with your cousins? Well, not only your cousins said those things about you, some lawyers did too. Don't tell me Anwar can influence your cousins and the lawyers.

Sali Tambap: Anwar the cause of him to be a billionaire? My goodness, then everyone should be Anwar's political opponents so that they can be billionaires.

I am saying this because Taib has never denied that he and his family are billionaires. Of course, if he is, where does all the money comes from? Even the cousins whom he 'disowned' are millionaires too with large tract of pristine Sarawak rainforests given to them.

Taib should explain how the so-called enemies (Rahman's sisters) of his could get so many allocations of state land when ordinary people, especially people who live in the areas are unable to?

Rather than blaming Anwar, and question Anwar's record of caring for Sarawak, he should answer immediate issues that cast a cloud over his integrity first.

Holden: Taib, is your arrogance exceeded only by your stupidity or is it the other way round? Your version of defending the state is clear for all to see from this video, so address those issues instead of dragging out irrelevant details.

Anonymous_4196: Taib doesn't need anyone to tarnish his image - his family and cronies are doing a good job at painting him as the man who approves licences for a 'fee'.

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