Monday, March 25, 2013



This past week, Sarawakians have been jolted by two particularly shocking issues which have caused intense anger against the government and authorities.

The first is the vicious attack on Surik Muntai of Melikin, which could have resulted in his death. The suspect, whom Surik identified was held on remand but was subsequently released on bail.

The second is of course the shocking revelation by Global Witness. Besides Wan Junaidi’s feeble accusation of ‘inappropriate politics’ against Global Witness, there has not been a word said by any BN politician about the scandalous dealings unveiled. Instead, we have inane statements by the likes of Abdul Karim Hamzah that I am running away from my state seat of Ba’ Kelalan to stand in Limbang for the coming elections.

As assemblyman for Ba’ Kelalan I have, together with other opposition members in the State Assembly, raised issues related to the failure of the present BN government to protect the people’s rights throughout the state, including my people in Ba’ Kelalan. Of particular concern are land issues such as land-grabs by  families and cronies of politicians, and deprivation of the people’s resources and livelihood.  As an example, the road project in Ba’ Kelalan is causing heavy pollution to the water supply but the BN government is totally not concerned about it.  I invite Abdul Karim Hamzah to check the record in the last 4 sittings of the state assembly, my comments and action taken in this matter before he makes baseless claims.

The opposition’s voice has helped to highlight the failures of the BN government and the self-enriching practices of the majority of the BN politicians. Exposes such as the video by Global Witness vindicate our claims about the BN’s abuse of power.

As to “unfulfilled promises” referred to by Abdul Karim, I would like to state that this is premature and irrelevant because PR or PKR had promised a better Government and/or policies for the rakyat on condition that the people gives us the mandate to rule.  We have promised to return the trees, the forests, the land and the rivers to the people should we be given the opportunity to govern this Country and State and in addition to the above to investigate the allegations raised by the recent videos exposed by Global Witness.

Far from running away, I am very much still with my people in Ba’ Kelalan. I am now offering myself to the people of Limbang, who have the democratic right to make their choice. We in Pakatan Rakyat do not force, coerce or intimidate the rakyat in any way. We trust that the people are discerning enough to make wise decisions for the future of this country, and that they will choose Pakatan Rakyat to form a new government that is competent, accountable and transparent.

It is not for people like Abdul Karim Hamzah to speak for the people of Limbang. My track record speaks for itself, just as the track record of BN’s failure and abuse speaks for itself.

Baru Bian
ADUN N70 Ba’ Kelalan/
Chairman PKR Sarawak

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