EXCLUSIVE Former private investigator P Balasubramaniam, who shot to fame following his two contradictory statutory declarations linked to the murder of Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu, is coming back to Malaysia permanently on Sunday.

In an email correspondence with Malaysiakini, Balasubramaniam said that he would also like to travel nationwide to campaign for Pakatan Rakyat in the coming general election.

NONE"It's official. I will be coming back to my homeland on Sunday, hopefully permanently.

"There is a need to change and I hope Pakatan rules. I hope to tour the nation to assist in the Pakatan campaign in this general election," he said.

This was also confirmed by his lawyer, Americk Singh Sidhu, who said that a large crowd would be present to receive Balasubramaniam when he arrives on Sunday.

Americk added that he would also be at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) to greet Balasubramaniam, just in case the Immigration Department gives him a hard time.

'I have not done anything wrong'

Balasubramaniam, who has been living in India, has returned to Malaysia quietly several times.

During his last visit in August, he gave Malaysiakini an interview in which he claimed, among others, was a bid to bribe him to smear opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Asked whether he would be afraid of being in public when he is back in Malaysia, Balasubramaniam said no.

"Why should they arrest me? What wrong have I done? I was withMalaysiakini the other time and managed to get back (to India). They did not stop me from leaving.

"My date of arrival has been confirmed and I do not expect any problems," he said.

Balasubramaniam in his first statutory declaration (SD) in 2008 claimed that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak had links with Altantuya.

He also stated in it that then inspector-general of police Musa Hassan would help ‘to take care' of the murder case in which political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda - who had hired him - was implicated.
Subsequently, the former private investigator retracted this first statutory declaration and made another one a day later in which he said was made under duress.

Senior lawyer implicated

Since Balasubramaniam's last trip to Malaysia in August, there have been significant developments related to carpet trader Deepak Jaikishan, who has recently fallen out with Najib.

NONEDeepak (left) admitted that heplayed a role in getting Balasubramaniam to retract his first SD and to come up with a new one so that Najib was exonerated.

Deepak then named a well-known "Tan Sri" lawyer and his son, as being involved in the drafting of the second SD and on this matter, a complaint had been filed with the Bar Council by lawyer and human rights activist Haris Ibrahim.

Americk himself, has urged the lawyer who played the role in drafting the second SD to reveal himself to the Bar.

~ Malaysiakini