Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng wants BN to explain the attempt on the prime minister's life, as it seriously affects the image of the state.

NONE"Until now, state BN chief Teng Chang Yeow has not withdrawn his statement regarding the security threat on Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak," said Lim (left) at a press conference today.

"The PM's safety is very important. Who threatened him? As the chief minister of Penang, I have not been informed about the matter," he added.

“Even the Penang police chief Abdul Rahim Hanafi did not inform me about this. Clearly, Teng is talking nonsense, and is not telling the truth when he says that the PM's life is threatened.”

Lim was referring to a report in Chinese language daily Sinchewyesterday, where Teng remarked that there was an attempt to assault Najib during the BN Chinese New Year open house event at Han Chiang College on Monday.

Teng had told the daily that the special branch advised Najib to leave the stage earlier while he was waiting for South Korean pop star Psy to toss yee sang with him and other BN leaders on stage.

teng chang yeow gerakan secretary generalIn the daily, Teng (left) had criticised that certain Pakatan Rakyat supporters were trying to sabotage the function, claiming they intended to attack Najib.

"When the prime minister left, someone threw a pack of rice at the corner of the stage.

"When the prime minister's son, 'Jiping', was getting into his car, someone splashed a bottle of mineral water, causing him to be drenched." Teng was quoted as saying in Sinchew Daily.

Initially, Teng told Malaysiakini that he was misquoted by theSinchew press. Later however, the former retracted the statement, saying that he had "misheard" the reporter's question.
Lim said that Teng must withdraw his "irresponsible" statement, because as a Penang BN chief, he has given a bad impression of the state.

He also urged Teng to come clean on his statement that Psy was threatened, as there had been no demonstration against the latter.

"This is international news, but Psy has never been threatened anywhere. How would Teng know about this, when as a state leader, I do not?" he queried.
'It makes no sense'
"It does not make sense. Throughout the world, Psy has never been threatened. Even North Korea did the ‘Gangnam Style’," he added.

"Would Psy even perform again in Malaysia?" Lim asked,flabbergasted.

Lim then showed reporters a video clip during the yee sang toss where the emcee was shouting and pleading for Psy to come on stage, but the performer did not appear.

Najib and the BN leaders then alighted the stage, and Psy later came on to perform his four-minute world hit, 'Oppa Gangnam Style', twice to a crowd of about 30,000 people.

NONEPsy, who arrived in Penang early morning Monday, also went for a dinner at a Korean restaurant in Tanjung Bungah before leaving the country at 2am on Tuesday.

Psy's early departure was due to an alleged attempt on his life, which also explained the reason for his delay in coming on stage for the yee sang toss, Teng had told reporters yesterday.

Lim said Teng, who is also Gerakan secretary general, has to explain himself or else all efforts to reduce Penang's crime rate - which is best in the country so far - would got to waste.

"In the video clip, everyone - including the PM - did not look as if they were threatened. There was also no police around the stage. Psy was allowed to perform, and later went to have dinner as well," Lim said.

"This is a big news - that the PM and Psy's life were threatened. Why was is not mentioned until now?" Lim asked.

"Teng merely wanted to cover up the reason behind Psy's refusal to join the PM for the yee sang toss with another incredible story," he added.

~ Malaysiakini