Dr Mahathir Mohamad today said today he had nothing to do with Petronas' decision to award contracts to any of his children.

In fact, the former prime minister said, he was only informed about the contracts by the Petronas president after they were awarded and that he was willing to swear in a mosque and by the Quran about it.

NONE"Anwar Ibrahim accused me, as Petronas adviser, of having been involved in awarding Petronas contracts to my children.

"For Anwar, this is a normal practice if he's in power. When he held the post of deputy prime minister and finance minister, he awarded so many contracts to his political supporters and family members.

"The ministry, during an Umno assembly, had presented the names of those awarded with contracts during his tenure. Included in the list were the names of his supporters and family members. None of my children's names were ever listed," Mahathir said in his latest blog entry at www.chedet.cc.

Mahathir said although he was appointed as Petronas adviser, he had very little to do in terms of advising the company in its decisions.

'I did not, even as prime minister'

"Petronas reports only to the prime minister and it is the prime minister who can make any instruction to Petronas. When I was the prime minister, I did not give any aid to my children," he said.

In fact, he said, none of his children held a post in the cabinet or in the party during his tenure as prime minister and finance minister.

Mahathir explained that although, on several occasions, his children were nominated to hold government posts, he personally rejected them until he retired.

"If they are successful today, be it in business or politics, they did it on their own. Moreover, rheir successes came after I stepped down as prime minister," he said.

Mahathir said Anwar, on the other hand, had set up a party with his wife (Dr Wan Azizah Wan NONEIsmail,left) as the president and as the candidate contesting for Permatang Pauh seat.

"When his wife won the election, he told her to quit so that he could contest for the seat.

"There is no evidence that there exists a competition for the party adviser's post, which he currently holds. He had also selected his daughter as a candidate in the last general election.

"Now, his wife is the party president, his daughter is the vice-president, his friend is the deputy president. Anwar Ibrahim owns Parti Keadilan Rakyat.

"If his wife and daughter can become politicians, why can't my children venture into business?" he added.

- Bernama