Monday, February 25, 2013

BN's integrity pledge: Declare assets too, says Penang CM

Harakahdaily,22 February 2013

Feb 22: Barisan Nasional leaders' endorsement of Transparency International Malaysia’s Election Integrity Pledge the pledge of integrity would be more meaningful if prime minister Najib Razak take the lead by publicly declaring assets.

“If Najib and BN are sincere in proving their integrity, then they must do what Pakatan Rakyat has done in making a full and complete public declaration of assets of the Penang state EXCO including the Chief Minister,” said Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng.

Lim dismissed the BN's signing of the TI document as a gimmick, and recalled how BN leaders such as Kota Belud member of parliament Abdul Rahman Dahlan had argued that public declaration of personal assets would put their safety at risk.

“If BN leaders are honest and transparent, then they should have nothing to hide. If they have nothing to hide, then why are they afraid to commit to publicly declaring their assets?

"If they cannot even perform this simple exercise then there is no point to sign an Integrity Pledge,” said the DAP secretary-general.

He added that it was even more ironic that Najib signed the pledge in the presence of Sarawak chief minister Abdul Taib Mahmud, whose family wealth has come under spotlight following a highly publicised divorce case between his son and his daughter-in-law involving assets amounting to hundreds of millions of ringgit.

“BN must practise what they preach by guaranteeing clean electoral rolls in the coming General Election. If they cannot even provide this guarantee, then Malaysians cannot expect the next General Election to be a clean, free and fair one,” he stressed.

~ Harakah Daily

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