Sunday, February 17, 2013


YB Baru Bian addressing the residents

Paul Bian, Deputy Elections Director


Explaining the perils of perimeter surveys under s 6 of the Sarawak Land Code
Residents studying Pakatan Rakyat's promises
Crossing the river in pitch darkness to reach the longhouse


Alan Newman said...

From a neutral 3rd party, a country ranked as one of the most democratic and un-corrupt in the world, and I see clearly from a distance. Not only that I have no respect for your CM of 31 yrs, the crim, my respect is negative, below zero at -1000%. He is the biggest curse & tragedy to Sarawak in 31 years. You have lost RM50billions to 100billions. His family alone is worth $45billion. Come to NZ and see how good are our roads, schools, amenities, gov't services. The gov't is neutral and transparent to land, timber concessions, development contracts, suppliers, contractors, neutral to radio, newspapers, to election & voting procedures. All gov't depts, forests, land & survey, Land transport, police, army are neutral! Town mayors are all elected. Your CM appoints every one he likes. Hell broke lose for 31 years. Why hasn’t someone call for his arrest to face charges?

Alan Newman said...

Blocking an Aussie Senator, an observer for fair election. This is outrageous! Why hasn’t someone call for arrests to face charges, arrests of Dr MM, PM, Home Minster, MACC Chief, CMs for Corruption & treason for decades. They are destroying the Country, undermining the people, their wealth & well-being. Come on Malaysians you have more brain and brawn than this! Don’t be a laughing stock to the world.

Winston said...

The greatest debacle is that for decades, under the rule of UMNO/BN, the rules and even the constitutionhave been bent in favour of the crooks!!
And Malaysians have also been a very tolerant lot!!!
If you just look at those waiting for buses, you'll notice that they can even stand right next to the exhaust pipes belching out arid, toxic fumes as though it is the most natural thing in the world to do!!!
This, coupled with the connivance of those supposedly well educated, including the judiciary, ensured the continued infestation of the crooks in this country!!!
Perhaps the greatest game changer is the Internet and a new mindset of young Malaysians who have travelled a fair bit overseas and are more knowledgeable about the freedom enjoyed by their peers overseas!!!
The greatest hurdle facing the electorate here is to kick out the scums in the coming GE!
Rest assured that there will be plenty of tough work ahead!!!