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A win-win situation for Najib and Taib?

Jeswan Kaur
 | February 24, 2013
Najib is not interested in the welfare of Sarawakians; all he wants is for Taib to deliver at least 20 of 31 parliamentary seats to BN.
What an irony that whilst Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak signs a personal pledge to uphold democracy and good governance, he in the same breath is also throwing unconditional support behind politicians like Sarawak’s chief minister Abdul Taib Mahmud.
Najib who also heads the ruling coalition Barisan Nasional, wants Taib to continue leading the Sarawak state government.
“Sarawak has tremendous potential to become a developed state. It has yet to exploit its resources. What you need is someone like Taib so that Sarawak will enjoy a brighter future.
“What you need is a BN state government under his leadership,” was what Najib said to a crowd of about 10,000 at a Chap Goh Meh dinner in Kuching on Feb 21.
Looks like Najib is not the least interested in the welfare of Sarawakians; rather all the premier wants is for Taib to deliver at least 20 of 31 parliamentary seats to BN.
Taib who marks his 32nd year as Chief Minister on March 26 was held responsible for the loss of 13 Chinese majority seats in the last state election and one parliamentary seat in a by-election.
The bitter truth is that the rakyat’s welfare was never a big deal to Najib, as seen now from his endorsement of Taib as the omnipotent leader of Sarawak.
With his latest declaration, Najib has confirmed the people’s long-held suspicions that his ‘Janji DiTepati’ (Promise Fulfilled) and ‘People First Performance Now’ mottos were simply political gimmicks, hogwash to deceit the rakyat into believing that BN has ‘awakened’ after its disastrous defeat in the 12th general election.

Najib not a credible leader
Upon signing the personal pledge, Najib wrote: “I believe that as the BN leader, I have to set a strong tone. Only a candidate who is deemed to have fought a clean and fair election will lead to a trustworthy government respected by the people”.
Can Najib conscientiously say that he is a responsible and respected leader? And does he have the credibility to lead a trustworthy government?
The answer is a dismaying ‘No’. During his four-year tenure, Najib has chalked up one controversy after another. His credibility and trustworthiness have both long been at stake, all no thanks to his corrupt ways of managing the country.
Also the fact that Najib’s wife Rosmah Mansor has been brokering contracts without her husband’s knowledge further makes it impossible for the rakyat to place their trust in the premier.
It is apparent that both Najib and Rosmah are trying to milk as much possible by abusing his stint at Putrajaya – a typical scenario in Malaysia where the politicians are always filthy rich and big-time liars, forever out to con the rakyat for their own personal agenda.
Here, Najib and Rosmah are no different – otherwise how could the couple gather a fortune of RM30 billion just by being servants of the rakyat?
If signing the Transparency International initiated election integrity pledge was Najib’s way of assuring Malaysians that the BN government is serious about fighting graft in all circumstances, the rakyat is far from convinced.
Had Najib been honest in weeding out corruption that has a stronghold in almost every aspect of the rakyat’s life, he would have had the guts to take his wife to task for engaging in corrupt practices.
Or for that matter Najib would see to it that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission worked on the basis of ‘free and fair”, unlike the present “pressure cooker” scenario assaulting the commission.
Corruption will flourish under BN
There is no denying that as long as the federal goverment under BN stays in power, graft will never become a thing of the past.
This Najib himself has proved by upholding that Sarawak’s Taib Mahmud will continue serving as the state’s chief minister as long as it is in the best interest of BN.
Hopefully the rakyat now realises how so conveniently Najib’s vested interests overpowered his ‘People First’ and ‘Janji Ditepati’ claims.
Taib’s voracious appetite for wealth, mostly ill-begotten never perturbed Najib. The chief minister’s couldn’t-care-less attitude towards his people and the state also does not worry Najib.
The fact that Taib’s family and relatives are all millionaires too does excite Najib, the leader who claims to know what is best for the rakyat.
What however is giving Najib sleepless nights is that BN must under no situation lose Sarawak to the opposition Pakatan Rakyat pact.
Taib is selfish, power crazy and greedy and has never in his three decades of ruling Sarawak availed himself to the people there – yet Najib wants to retain him as the chief minister because he feels Taib is a political asset to BN.
An now that Najib has categorically stated that only Taib will lord over the Land of the Hornbills, one can only keep guessing how many billions more Taib is all set to make, all the expense of the people of Sarawak.
Jeswan Kaur is a freelance writer and a FMT columnist.
~ Free Malaysia Today

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