Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wong wants clear decision on his position in party

by Raymond Tan. Posted on October 31, 2012, Wednesday

SIBU: SUPP Sibu branch chairman Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh wants a straight “Yes or No” answer from Datuk Seri Peter Chin’s faction on whether they would sack him from SUPP.

In a press statement yesterday, Wong, who is the Second Finance Minister and Minister of Local Government and Community Development, said he failed to see why Chin’s faction had been dragging their feet.

He added there was no such need to delay announcing whether they would sack him or whether they would leave the State Barisan Nasional.

Wong said he had been flooded with queries from reporters yesterday for his view concerning Chin’s team deferring the announcement to tomorrow.

“They have been dragging on with the issue. First, they announced after their Sept 23 Central Working Committee meeting about leaving State BN and sacking me.

“Then, the whole matter plunged to a total silence until on Sept 30 when newspapers carried words from Chin appealing to party branches to submit evidence and complaints to sack me.”

Wong said the newspapers then reported on Monday that his fate would be known by Tuesday when Chin’s faction would meet.

“It is just a simple “yes or no” to sack me. They already have the answer, yet, they sealed their lips.”

He said the delay would only affect the image of the party, and this might not be good for the coming general election.

He said Chin had argued that the delayed announcement was to avoid the media getting the verbal statement wrong in their reports.

“Such an explanation cannot be accepted. I have been flooded with calls to show concern; some people felt something is wrong in the delay decision; they were asking whether Chin’s faction was up to playing some games.

“They wanted me to watch out.”

Wong called on Chin’s faction not to keep harping on side issues.

He said the party should focus on the coming general election and not to fan sentiments by discussing whether they would leave State BN and whether they would sack party leaders.

Meanwhile, on a separate issue, Wong said he respected the decision of Chin’s faction to field Wilfred Yap in Stampin parliamentary constituency.

He said although he and the majority of the people in Kuching had felt incumbent Datuk Yong

Khoon Seng would have a better chance to retain the seat, he accepted the decision.

He said he would not comment further now but insisted he would stick to his view on Yong being a more favourable choice.

~ The Borneo Post

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