Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mong defends cutting aid to pro-opposition disabled man

NONESarawak agriculture assistant minister Mong Dagang today defended his instruction to the Agriculture Department to cease providing subsidies to disabled person Frusis Lebi, a pro-opposition farmer.

According to English daily The Sun, Mong (left) who is Bukit Begunan state assemblyperson, also admitted instructing the Welfare Department to stop its aid to Frusis.

"As a man of principle, I am not going to back out," Mong was quoted as saying. "We cannot continue to give welfare assistance and subsidies because he is a strong opposition supporter."

The state assistant minister added that Frusis could plant paddy and ride a motorcycle like a normal person, therefore the welfare aid should be given to more deserving disabled persons.

Welfare aid also cut off

disabled victim Frusis Lebi makes police report against mong dagang letterFrusis, 51, had last Fridaylodged a police reportover a letter signed by Mong ordering the Sri Aman Agriculture Department to "cease all assistance" to him.

His RM300 welfare aid was also cut off in October last year, but Frusis (right) did not suspect anything amiss at that time.

Mong's letter had accused Frusis of setting up an operation centre for the opposition during the Sarawak state election in April last year.

However, Frusis has denied this, claiming that he had merely hung an opposition party flag, which was subsequently removed by the village chief.
mong dagang sarawak assistant agriculture minister letter

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