Sunday, March 11, 2012

Even in her resignation, Shahrizat lies to the people - Surendran

Written by  N Surendran
Even in her resignation, Shahrizat lies to the people - Surendran
I refer to the statement today by Cabinet Minister Shahrizat Jalil that she will resign her ministership on April 8 when her senatorship expires. This announcement is a transparent attempt to deceive the public into thinking that Prime Minister Najib and the BN are taking action on the NFC scandal, and that Shahrizat is taking responsibilty for her conduct.
By virtue of Article 43 of the Federal Constitution, ministers must be appointed from members of either the Dewan Rakyat or Dewan Negara. Since Shahrizat's term as a senator ends on April 8, her ministership must also end in accordance with Article 43. Therefore how can Shahrizat claim to be resigning on April 8? In fact, she is disgracefully clinging on to her ministerial position until the very end.
No moral will to punish corruption
The enormity of the NFC scandal is such that Shahrizat should have resigned long before this. Najib and Shahrizat have completely ignored the principle of ministerial responsibility and accountabilty which is a crucial aspect of our democratic parliamentary government. Once again, Umno-BN has ignored proper democratic practices and principles of good governance.
We are also shocked that Shahrizat Jalil will hold on to her position as Wanita Umno Chief. This proves that UMNO does not have the will, inclination or moral authority to take action against leaders guilty of wrongdoing. Is it because so many of the current Umno leaders are themselves tainted?
Najib must prove that his claims of reform and good governance are not hollow slogans intended merely to win votes. Shahrizat must go now! Najib and the relevant authorities must also ensure that action is taken against all those responsible for the huge loss of public monies in the NFC scandal.
N Surendran is the vice president of PKR
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