Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas and New Year Message from Baru Bian

A Time to Give

‘For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.’
                                                                                 John 3:16

As we take time out from our busy schedules to celebrate the birth of Christ, I would like to reflect on the essence of Christmas and what it means to Christians who give thanks for the gift of Christ from God our Father. The biblical quotation above captures perfectly the message of Christmas – it is about giving. Just as God gave his Son to us, we too, out of love for our neighbours and friends, should think about, and practise giving to our family and friends, and our brothers and sisters in this State, and even in the country.

But what is it that we can give to our fellow citizens? It is well-known that Sarawak is one of the poorest states in Malaysia. Many of her citizens eke out an existence on very little earnings per household. The rate of poverty in the state has increased from 4.2% in 2007 to 5.3% in 2009; there are 28,505 people registered as poor including 2993 classified as hard-core poor. The government acknowledges that this figure is expected to increase over the next few years. These are the official figures from the authorities but due to the remoteness and inaccessibility of the interior, for every person registered, there are many more who are not.

In showing our love and compassion for those people who are less fortunate than us, it is commendable that we share what we have with them this Christmas season by giving material goods, money and food to the poor and needy. God gave us all in life without any conditions, and so should we give in the same spirit of all-encompassing love for our fellow citizens. I truly commend and applaud the kindness of Sarawakians who give generously each year in cash and in kind, and in giving their time to visit the old, the sick and the abandoned in homes during the festive season. Indeed Christmas is a time when we find joy in giving.

Many of us make our yearly donations and tell ourselves that we have paid our dues to society for the year, and we hang up our donor hats until next Christmas rolls along. Is this ‘giving’ in the true sense of the word as God gave to us? It is not. A yearly charitable contribution, while noble and good, is not sufficient to pull our less fortunate brothers and sisters out of the morass of poverty in which they find themselves through no fault of their own.

There is much more that the people of this state and country need. Besides food, clothing and shelter, we need to live in a society that is free and fair, to be governed by people who put our interests first and make decisions that are beneficial to the state, without fear or favour. We need a government that is righteous, that will protect and help those who are unable to help themselves, that will eschew corruption, nepotism and cronyism. We need a government made up of people who will not plunder our heritage and birthright to enrich themselves, while the poor are made to suffer more as a result of the plunder. We need good governance.

We cannot turn a blind eye anymore to the abuses of the current government and the resulting impoverishment to the people affected. Many people in the cities and towns who have stable jobs and earn a good wage have no appreciable comprehension of the very real issues of survival faced by those living in the rural areas. We are blessed in that our country is rich in natural resources and we are free from natural disasters – unlike our neighbouring countries such as Thailand and the Philippines, which have been hit by massive flooding in the recent months. However, we must open our eyes to the misdeeds of the very people to whom we entrust the administration of the state. Our native brothers and sisters are losing their livelihood while those in government and their cronies get richer by the continuing rampant abuse of power. It is especially galling and offensive that our downtrodden brothers and sisters are exhorted by those who steal from them to be grateful for a government that ‘cares for them’.

This Christmas season, I urge everyone to reflect on the meaning of giving to those who need our help the most. Thankfully, we are not called upon to give up our lives as Christ did, but we can show our love and concern for our fellow citizens by giving them the best chance of regaining their livelihood and to improve the lot of those who are trapped in the vicious cycle of poverty. We can give to them and indeed, to ourselves the opportunity of change by exercising our right to vote in the coming General Elections and by exercising our right prudently. This would be a gift of a lifeline, not only for us today but also for the generations to come. And the time for the giving is NOW! It is time for justice and righteousness to prevail and we have the power to bring about the change. It is my prayer that our Fair Land Sarawak will come into her own and for her and her proud people to once again be free and to prosper. I give thanks to God that He has blessed Sarawak with abundant resources and that there are many who have a deep love for and a strong connection with the land. Let us vote for a Government that will be a Government FOR the people so that all Sarawakians may reap and enjoy what rightfully belongs to all her citizens. In such a way, we can say ‘we have given’ in the spirit of Christmas. And in so giving, we will all receive the gift of a new beginning for our beloved Sarawak.

I wish all Sarawakians and all our friends both Christian and non-Christian throughout Malaysia and around the world a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Baru Bian
State Liaison Chief
PKR Sarawak

State Assemblyman
N70 Ba’ Kelalan

Friday, December 23, 2011

Majlis Makan Malam PAKATAN RAKYAT

Salam perjuangan kepada semua rakyat Sarawak!
Adalah dimaklumkan bahawa Pakatan Rakyat Miri akan mengadakan Majlis Makan Malam pada 28.12.11 jam 7.30pm bertempat di Eastwood Valley, Country & Golf Club, Miri.
Tiket boleh di dapati daripada PKR Cabang Miri.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sambutan Kemenangan Kes NCR Rumah Gayan, Saratok

Bendera Keadilan berkibar bangga dengan bendera Sarawak dan bendera Malaysia

Ketibaan tetamu kehormat - YB Baru Bian dan YB Ali Biju 

YB Ali Biju bersedia untuk menyertai upacara tradisional "miring".

 Upacara "Miring"

YB Ali Biju diberi kehormatan untuk melaksanakan Miring.

Perarakan ke Rumah Gayan

Gawai Selamat Ka Pemenang Chara Pemakai Menua Dassey

 Rumah Gayan terletak di tengah-tengah Provisional Lease yang Kerajaan BN berikan kepada kompeni untuk menanam kelapa sawit. Rumah Gayan sehingga kini tidak ada lagi bekalan elektrik walaupun mempunyai tiang elektrik dan bergantung penuh kepada bekalan air dari sungai dan air hujan. Sungai inilah penduduk-penduduk kampung gunakan untuk mandi, minum dan menangkap ikan. 

YB Baru Bian menyerahkan Keputusan Mahkamah kepada Tuai Rumah Gayan.

 TR Gayan memberikan sijil penghargaan sebagai tanda berterima kasih kepada YB Baru Bian yang sebagai peguam mewakili Rumah Gayan dalam mempertahankan hak tanah NCR di kawasan Sungai Dassey Saratok.  

Tikar anyaman tangan seorang nenek Rumah Gayan diberikan kepada YB Baru Bian sebagai tanda berterima kasih.

Nenek di sebelah kiri merupakan pakar menganyam tikar. Anyaman tikar yang cantik dan sememangnya tiada kecacatan langsung.

Maklumat Lanjut mengenai berita-berita kemenangan kes TR Gayan boleh didapati di sini:-

Untuk makluman semua, biarpun kes ini ternyata amat jelas bahawa TR Gayan sememangnya mempunyai hak tanah adat di kawasan Sungai Dassey, kerajaan BN tetap tidak mengakui keputusan mahkamah dan telahpun mengfailkan satu rayuan ke mahkamah rayuan. Namun demikian, YB Baru Bian tetap akan memperjuangkan hak tanah adat Rumah Gayan sampailah kerajaan mengaku bahawa tanah tersebut merupakan tanah adat Rumah Gayan. 

Janganlah lagi mempercayai penipuan-penipuan kerajaan BN yang saban hari mencuri tanah-tanah adat orang-orang dayak Sarawak. 

Carolling at the Old Courthouse on 21 December 2011

YB Baru Bian, YB See Chee How, PKR members and supporters and friends assembled on a beautiful clear (and dry) night to sing Christmas carols and songs outside the old courthouse in Kuching. The event was themed 'Sarawakians can have Peaceful Carolling without Police Permit'. In the words of YB See Chee How:

"A great evening for open air carolling yesterday. The sky cleared up and it was cool at the Kuching Old Courthouse as more than a hundred people gathered and sang and shared the joy of Xmas. We have certainly proven that our folks are peace-loving and that they can gather and assemble peacefully and harmonious, to sing and share. 

The dutiful plain-clothes police officers should objectively tell their bosses that it was a wonderful atmosphere. Who needs the draconian Assembly Bill?

Thanks to all of you. The mix of Iban carols from our Sebangan-Sebuyau friends with the customary good English numbers were truly music to the ears. YB Baru Bian’s guitar (with Paul’s) got everybody singing non-stop and there was “one last song” after another. 

Thank you to all who came.

YB Baru on the guitar

YB Baru leading the singing.

Our very own YB Santa Chee How

YB Baru and PKR ladies

A beautiful sight...

Our Sebangan-Sebuyau friends

Simon and Xiang Hong in happy Christmas spirit

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Suspicious Secrecy From the Swiss!

Posted Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Snowy silence from the Swiss won’t shut up the corruption campaigners!
Taib did not get the response that he wanted from the Swiss Government yesterday.  But he did buy some time.
In answer to questions from MP Maya Graf in the Bern Federal Parliament, the Swiss Finance Minister, Evelyn Widmer Schlum, fell back on traditional Swiss secrecy!
The country’s financial regulators FINMA would not be able to publicise the findings from their investigations into Taib’s assets, she explained, owing to Swiss confidentiality laws.
Widmer-Schlumpf said that FINMA had “no possibility, nor the right“ to disclose any information on its findings to the public. Rather, she announced, “FINMA will inform the directly affected persons only“ on the results of its investigations.
Those interested parties are presumably Taib himself and the Malaysian Government.  But what about the people of Sarawak, who have lost billions in revenue owing to the handouts of public property, concessions and contracts to Taib’s own companies and his family?
Still on the hook!
Swiss Finance Minister, Evelyn Widmer-Schlumpf
While this cryptic response has infuriated campaigners, who had been given to understand that Switzerland’s new drive for more openess in its banking system would bring swift and clear answers, it has done little to help Taib. 
The reply that would have benefitted the Chief Minister, of course, would have been a straight confirmation of his own declaration earlier in the year, after the investigation was announced, that he had no assets in Switzerland at all!
Indeed, Sarawak’s billionaire politician had laid his reputation on the line by standing up in his own state assembly and announcing:
 “Let me state categorically that I have no secret Swiss bank account, nor assets or investments of any description. None whatsoever”.[Taib Mahmud statement]
The Swiss Finance Minister has refused to corroborate this statement.  Instead her reply seems to give the strong impression that there ARE interested parties who need to be informed of the results of this investigation!
How long are his secrets safe?
Maya Graf – Green MP, Swiss Parliament
Campaigners are hardly going to allow the situation to rest there.  The Swiss, who have been trying to wipe clean their reputation as a country that made itself rich off the back of Nazi gold and the ill-gotten gains of the world’s worst dictators, are in the middle of a national argument over ending its obsessive banking secrecy.
The Finance Ministry may be on the side of conservatism, however the former President Micheline Calmy-Rey, who ordered the enquiry, made clear that she was in favour of openess  and yesterday the Green MP Maya Graf said:
“I am disappointed that the Swiss government is hiding behind the Swiss banking secrecy and thus helps promote corruption in countries with weak governments.  There is no point in complaining about the destruction of the world’s tropical rainforests as long as Western countries assist corrupt families like the Taibs enrich themselves by cutting down the forests.”
It is not the sort of endorsement that Taib would have wished for from Switzerland and it is a clear sign that the story is by no means finished as campaigners step up their noise on this matter.  The Sarawak-focused Bruno Manser Fund demanded:
“How can it be that our authorities will inform a corrupt potentate but not the public on the findings of their investigations?“[BMF press release]
Taib will know that the longer an issue is bottled up, the bigger the bang when it is finally un-corked!
So what about Monaco?
The Taib family attracted Tatler Magazine to wallow in their wealth in Monaco last year
Of course, the speculation has been that it is likely that Taib has already removed his assets from Switzerland.  The tightening of banking laws and moves towards better scrutiny of criminal customers has caused the flight of a great number of rich clients, who no longer feel so secure from investigation, despite the stand that was taken by the Finance Minister yesterday.
Many felt that Taib’s comments in the Assembly were carefully worded, in that he denied having assets in Switzerland now, but not in the past.
Indeed, those close to the Chief Minister have remarked that his trips ‘to see his Swiss dentist’ have dropped off markedly in recent years and that he currently appears to favour more detours to Monaco! 
Likewise, Prince Albert’s tax-haven has become a popular haunt for Taib family members in recent years and it is a place where they are happy to put their flashy couture on full display. 
Prince Albert’s Foundation (which supports the environment!) has also become a major beneficiary of Taib’s largesse, including a fat 100,000 euro cheque presented at the Islamic Fashion Show in Monaco last year and an expenses paid tour to Mulu National Park for the Prince and his entourage.
Currently on trial for fraud – Kallakis (left) enjoys Mulu with Prince Albert, Jabu and Robert Geneid (right)
A member of that Mulu entourage, Achilleas Kallakis, who was on the Board of Albert’s Foundation, is currently on trial in the UK, charged with conducting Britain’s largest ever mortgage fraud, involving the purchase of properties to the value of £850 million (RM 5 billion). 
Interestingly, the trial has currently been put on hold while some 8,000 papers, just released by the Swiss authorities and relating to his alleged accomplice, Swiss lawyer Michael Becker, are considered.
Kallakis has previously acknowledged that the wealth behind his investments came from a ‘family trust’, based in Switzerland.  Once again Swiss secrecy laws seem to have been actively attempting to protect the identity of the owner of those millions that Kallakis was investing in his property empire, while the frontman was left facing devastating consequences and likely imprisonment.
However, in this case at least the reluctant Swiss have clearly given in, which means at last the full story may well eventually come out in London’s Southward Crown Court when the case re-opens in January.
With the Swiss documents placed before the court we may finally get to hear more details of how this enormous property fraud developed, involving a company, Atlas Management, that was originally set up in London by a Malaysian National, one ‘Mr Azlina Goh Abdullah’ and then taken over by Kallakis and alleged co-conspirator, Alexander Williams.
We might even learn which family trust Kallakis was investing on behalf of, during the years that he was dazzling Europe with his flamboyant apparent wealth and even found his name near the top of the UK’s Sunday Times Rich List.  The family who sponsored him must be wishing they had not hidden their money in Switzerland after all.
Source: Sarawak Report

Monday, December 19, 2011


En route from Lawas – Long Kerabangan lies nestled amongst the furthest hills.

A Project by Barefoot Mercy:
For those of you thinking of contributing towards a meaningful cause this Christmas please consider this initiative... MICRO-HYDRO APPEAL: Welcome to our Long Kerabangan micro-hydro initiative. Please click on the link to view the appeal (it takes a couple of seconds to load up) – to read more about Long Kerabangan and the technology that will provide electricity to a village still living in darkness. We have currently 40% of the targeted amount of RM70,000 collected/ pledged but need all the help we can get to reach the full target.

EC okays indelible ink and advance voting for GE13

The parliamentary select committee (PSC) on electoral reform's recommendations for advance voting and indelible ink will be implemented for the 13th general election, said Election Commission (EC) chief Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof.

"By default, all military men and their spouses, police and spouses of Pasukan Gerakan Am (general operations force) will be advance voters unless they are on duty and apply for postal voting," he said at a press conference at the EC headquarters in Putrajaya this morning.

Abdul Aziz added that a different type of indelible ink that lasts longer will be used on advanced voters.

The inks, he said, have been sent to the Malaysia Chemistry Department and the results will be submitted to the National Fatwa Council and the Health Ministry.

"If the National Fatwa Council says that it is haram, then we will work to get the ink from different sources, but as far as we know, the ink that we are using has been widely used by Muslims in several countries."

The two changes are according to the PSC's interim report that Parliament endorsed on Dec 1.

Source: Malaysiakini

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Senator accuses Taib-linked group of illegal logging

A unit of Ta Ann Group Bhd, a Sarawak-based timber giant closely linked to Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud, is being accused by an Australian lawmaker of invading a protected 430,000-hectare Tasmanian forest that was supposed to be protected by a national-state inter-government agreement.

Tasmanian senator Bob Brown, the leader of Australia's Greens, said that although the governments had signed an agreement earlier this year to protect the forests until an independent verification process was completed, Ta Ann had already begun logging.

"Four months later, not one hectare has been protected and Forestry Tasmania continues to fell these magnificent trees as fast as they can put the roads in. All up, more than 10 square kilometers of our wild forests will be destroyed," Brown said.

In an effort to stop the logging, a young woman name Miranda Gibson climbed into a structure high above the forest with a vow to sit there to stop the logging, which began last Monday.

That is the latest protest against the company, which has been operating in Tasmania for some time, ostensibly receiving A$10 million (RM32 million) in direct public subsidies and being housed in Tasmanian state premises that cost A$22 million (RM70 million).

Ta Ann Tasmania has reported net losses of A$18 million (RM57 million) although the parent company declared a 25 percent profit margin on annual sales of more than RM800 million.

NONETa Ann Holdings Bhd, headed by Taib's cousin Hamed Sepawi (left), is comprised of at least 31 Sarawak-based companies in three broad sections including timber harvesting, palm oil plantations and various other interests.

The company, with a market capitalisation of RM1.24 billion, employs 6,000 people and began expanding overseas in 2007, according to the group's website.

400 companies in 25 countries

Taib himself is under fire from a plethora of NGOs from six different countries demanding that he and 13 members of his family be arrested and prosecuted for massive fraud, theft, corruption, illegal appropriation of land and abuse of public office and that he is at the epicenter of the operations despite the naming of family members to head ancillary

They allege that the looting of Sarawak's rich timber and other natural resources has earned Taib's family billions of dollars through investment in as many as 400 companies in 25 countries.

azlanResearch released earlier this month by the Switzerland-based Bruno Manser Fund said official documents show the Taib family stake in 14 Malaysian companies alone is worth US$1.46 billion (RM4.6 billion).

The NGO has uploaded all of the documents onto the Internet. They can be found here. Billions more are believed to be held in other countries.

Environmentalists accuse the Tasmanian unit of claiming it exports rotary peeled veneer manufactured only from regrowth and plantation eucalyptus logs supplied by Forestry Tasmania.

However, the environmentalists say, "the reality is that Ta Ann is sourcing timber from Tasmanian old growth forests, from world heritage value and high conservation value forests."

The Tasmania-based Huon Valley Environmental Centre accused Ta Ann Tasmania of receiving wood timber from logging areas containing old growth forest is processing wood acquired from the logging of old growth forests, high-conservation value forests and forests with recognised world heritage values in Tasmania

"Ta Ann's demand for native forest wood and its large wood supply contract is driving logging in some of Tasmania's most important and contentious forest areas," the environmental group said in a statement.

"Logging for Ta Ann is also breeching the current Intergovernmental Agreement between the Australian and Tasmanian governments which has demanded logging be stopped in 430,000 hectares of high conservation value forests.

“Ta Ann's operations here in Tasmania are far from eco-friendly and must rank amongst the worst logging practices globally," said Jenny Weber, a member of the Huon organisation.

Timber concessions in Sarawak

Global Witness, an environmental NGO, in 2010 accused Ta Ann of clear-cutting vast amounts of Orangutan habitat. Ta Ann holds five timber concessions in Sarawak covering more than 360,000 hectares of rainforest and three plantation licences covering another 313,000 hectares.

NONEThe Sarawak Report, an NGO that has been investigating Taib (left) family interests for months, said Sarawak "is notorious for its destruction of the Borneo jungle."

It said Ta Ann's attempts to brand itself as "environmentally conscious" were a sham and that "none of the wood that Ta Ann has so far used from Tasmania qualifies as sustainable."

In fact, the Sarawak Report said, "all of the logs so far taken by the company have come from old growth forests, many in high conservation value areas that form crucial habitats for some of the world's most endangered species.

“These include Tasmania's Wedge Tailed Eagle, the Quoll and the Tasmanian Devil. And no plantation wood is being used by Ta Ann in its veneer processing mills in Tasmania."

Brown, in a prepared release, said the Australian and Tasmanian governments are taking too long to implement the inter-governmental agreement.

"If they can get their act together to offer contractors exit packages then they can honour the conservation agreement as well,” he added.

- Asia Sentinel

Source: Malaysiakini

Running Scared?

Posted Saturday, December 17th, 2011

Tight lipped – He once lapped up attention, but now the door is slammed shut
For the first time in 30 years Abdul Taib Mahmud has cancelled the traditional press conference, normally held at the Wisma Bapa Malaysia after the weekly Cabinet meeting. 
Even more astonishing, the journalists were barred from the building, as if they were unwanted intruders.
It is often such small, but extremely strange signs, that make us aware of developments that are seismic behind the scenes.  Like when a beach suddenly bares before a tsunami or there is rumbling before an earthquake.
So what has made Taib act so out of character?  What pressure is he under that he and his ministers have suddenly decided they dare not face what has for so long been their ’lapdog’ press?
The inescapable conclusion is that the evidence has now piled so high, that Taib suddenly realises that he can no longer brush aside the questions about his corruption and the squalid wealth of his family, both in Sarawak and abroad.
With the issue now making headlines in Malaysia and reaching the international news, even the controlled pressmen of Sarawak would not be able to avoid asking questions about  it.  And, by cancelling the press conference, it seems clear that Taib has no idea how to answer them. 
It is a sign of fatal weakness at the heart of his regime that Taib no longers dares to face the press.
Lost for answers!
Family company CMS built the DUN – now it is full of hostile questions directed at Taib
People should remember that Taib has already been suffering under siege in the State Assembly. 
He may have been able to rig the recent election to produce his customary 2/3 majority of seats yet again, but even after all the bribery and manipulation 45% of voters still voted against him and there now is a strong body of PR opposition YBs, who are fearlessly giving him a far tougher time than before.
So how has he dealt with their outraged questions about corruption and cronyism?  How has he met their complaints about lands and contracts being handed out to his unqualified children and siblings, instead of being tendered properly for the benefit of the people of Sarawak?
It turns out he has been reduced to having to switch off their microphones, rub out their statements from the Hansard record and even to throwing these individuals with their rightful concerns physically out of the DUN building! 
The only reason for such a farcical reaction has to be that he finds such questions impossible to answer, so he needs to pretend that they haven’t been asked.
In exactly the same way, now that it is the turn of the press to ask the same set of questions, he has been forced to lock the doors and shut them out!
The questions that Taib is frightened of being asked 
So, what are the questions that any decent set of journalists would have put to Taib, if he had agreed to open the door?  We suggest the following top five:
“Chief Minister, how do you explain the US$1.5 billion dollars worth of assets that have been acquired by members of your immediate family through just 14 of the more than 400 companies that they own?”
“Chief Minister, you claimed that you and your family ‘do no business in Sarawak to avoid being hounded by accusations that you have used your influence to enrich yourself’.  So how do you explain the over 300 companies in Sarawak that you and your family own shares in?”
“Chief Minister, your dead wife is the largest single shareholder of Sarawak’s largest single company, CMS.  Yet she passed away two years ago.  So who is her beneficiary?”
“Chief Minister, why do you keep handing out all the most valuable state lands and state contracts to members of your own family in secret deals, instead of putting them out to open tender?”
“Chief Minister, given that dual citizenship is illegal, is your eldest daughter, Jamilah, Malaysian (as it says on the records of the 87 Sarawak companies in which she holds shares) or is she Canadian, as admitted by her husband Sean Murray?” 
There are, of course, numerous other questions that eager journalists, given half a chance might unleash on the Chief Minister and we suggest that contributors to our comments column put theirs forward too.  These are also questions that should rightly be asked by the Malaysian police force, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and, of course, Taib’s political colleagues and the Prime Minister of Malaysia!
Jobs for the newsmen
Sarawak – full of stories for newsmen
Now that Taib is no longer so interested in talking to the press it is going to give them a bit of a challenge.  After all, for the past decades Sarawak newspapers have relied for every page on tedious stories recording the aging Taib and his colleagues’ daily movements, without question or criticism.
The Borneo Post is largely owned by his timber crony Henry Lau of KTS and the Sarawak Tribune is half-owned by his cousin Hamed Sepawi and edited by his own daughter Hannifah Taib.  Their fawning praise has, unsurprinsingly, never faltered. 
However, if the Chief Minister is no longer going to provide them with a constant stream of ‘stories’ about his comings and goings and lhis atest theories on ‘progress and development’, what can we suggest for them to write about instead?
Again, we would be happy to see suggestions in our comments column.  However, we think that the journalists of Kuching should roll up their trouser legs and get out on the roads to examine some of Sarawak’s  devastated interior and visit some of Sarawak’s disinherited tribes?
Progress and development? Sarawak’s dreadful roads
They could consider why the majority of the population no longer have clean rivers and fish to provide food and water.  They could cover the landgrab scandal.  They could demonstrate the effects of erosion. They could look at the lamentable health problems of the population and ask how corruption has interfered with proper medical care.
They could look at schooling and why it still fails so many native Dayaks?  Why promised roads are not being delivered?  They could document the gangster attacks on behalf of loggers and go searching to see what remains of Sarawak’s once fabled biodiversity – its trees and animals.
They could feature the lives and problems of some of the ordinary folk of Sarawak, instead of boring everyone to death with yet more dreary and depressing articles about Abdul Taib Mahmud, the ancient Chief Minster, who dare not step down for fear that his successor might challenge all his ill-gotten gains!
Source: Sarawak Report