Tuesday, July 26, 2011

PAS to expose 'a huge number' of cloned voters

Jimadie Shah Othman
Jul 26, 11

PAS has in its possession of a list of "cloned voters" and the numbers are "shockingly huge", the party's vice-president Husam Musa said today.

NONEPAS would expose the total number in stages, after having lodged an official complaint on the first 500 "clones" the Islamic political party had detected recently, he said.

"We will arrange for a conference. We will display to everyone, and the media can double-check on this," Husam (left) added.

However, he declined to reveal the number of persons whose names appear twice in the electoral rolls, but promised to supply the list to the mass media.

He reiterated that PAS opposes the biometric system for voters the Election Commission (EC) has proposed, saying it did not resolve the problem of recurring voters.

"Why waste so much money (on the biometric system), instead of using indelible ink?" Husam asked.

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