Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Najib censors the world's most prestigious news magazine - John Malott

Written by John Malott, Malaysia Chronicle

It's all over the Internet. The Malaysian Government has censored The Economist, the world's most respected and distinguished journal.


Because it did not like what The Economist reported.

Question. How many people in Malaysia read The Economist?

According to The Economist website, it is 10,477. That is their circulation in Malaysia. Out of a nation of 28 million.

A new question.

How many people in Malaysia now know that Najib and Company took their black markers to The Economist? And how many Malaysians now want to read – and have read -- what The Economist said?

Answer. Thanks to the Internet, in Malaysia, it is now probably 100,000 -- 200,000 -- or even more who know what The Economist said.

And what about the rest of the world? The Economist has a worldwide circulation of almost 1.5 million people – people who are called “opinion leaders.”

Now they know what Najib did.

So once again, it’s a self-inflicted black eye.

I keep wondering --


Why does this government keep shooting itself in the foot? - Malaysia Chronicle

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