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Education: A race to the bottom

Jul 25, 11 8:44am
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your say'At the end of the day, people will realise that it's not bumis benefiting at the expense of the non-bumis but the elites who are robbing from us all.'

Bright bumi kids also victim of Little Napoleons

Lynn: This letter from JK is such an eye opener. So at the end of the day, people will realise that it's not bumiputeras benefiting at the expense of the non-bumiputeras but the elite and well-connected who are robbing from us all.

I totally support one-entry examinations into universities and in return, abolish the jenis kebangsaan schools.

Swipenter: Dear JR, now do you understand what many, many non-bumiputera parents have to go through to give their kids a tertiary education that they deserved in a system that discriminates and corrupts?

It was not always like this, but politicising education was the cause of it all. The present rotting system is not making use of our best brains and developing our human resources to its full potential.

You must have heard that many non-Malay parents are encouraging their sons and daughters to make a life for themselves overseas upon graduation.

It is a painful choice for these parents because they do not want their children and their children's children to go through life experiencing discrimination and victimisation like they do through at no fault of their own.

I guess you are not one of the connected bumiputeras in town. Yes, we are all waiting for Bersih 3.0. Better still, kick the corrupted Umno/BN regime out in GE13. We all want to be Malaysians.

Anonymous: The logic of the Little Napoleons: If all the smart kids are allowed to succeed, they will become educated thinkers. That means they will start to question the Little Napoleons when they grow up. That can't be allowed to happen. Instead, put the "less smart" ones there, and they will be more easily influenced.

Don't believe me? Just observe the ridiculously stupid actions from the so-called government 'leadership'. Obviously, those who hold important government posts didn't get up there because of their incredible intelligence.

It's a race to the bottom. Like any parent, you will do your best to continue to provide all opportunities for them to succeed. It will be worth it.

I hope they will remember this lesson in injustice and return as able and fair leaders some day. This nation needs more of those. I wish these kids the best in their future.

Fairnessforall: The reason is because the government does not want bright bumis, they want stupid bumis so they can keep fooling them and using them for their personal agenda.

So if you are smart and intelligent, irrespective of what race you are, you will not be given a chance as they fear you may later use your intelligence to fight them.

Restless_Native: Even the bumiputeras - the not well-connected ones - are being discriminated against.

I wrote a long letter to Malaysiakini four years ago about how this government stabbed, knifed, bludgeoned and kicked what was once a world-class education system down the gutters and replaced it, over time, with a half-past-six 'system'.

Now we have boatloads of students scoring As whose real quality is difficult to determine. If only they had stuck with the 'A' level system and honed it to perfection, we would not have so many disenchanted parents as we do now.

With the latest developments around the country, the government has no incentive to promote excellence. Minister's kids get educated abroad anyway, so why worry about the 'peasant' rakyat?

JR, I feel your pain as a parent but your sacrifice will be worth it.

MC: Dear JR, you are not missing out much when you send your kids to non-government universities. Many professors at government universities are not up to par and got their promotion through the back door. There is no quality in their teachings.

I have always believed that it is a blessing in disguise for non-bumi parents to have to send their kids overseas as they will definitely get a much better education and can get jobs anywhere in the world, unlike our local graduates who can only work in Malaysia.

Tel: What about those bright so-called non-bumiputera Malaysians? Our parents have to pay tons of money for us to get the most basic stuff in education. We even need to support our primary schools with our own donation. Once a while, we're told we're just 'pendatang'. Yet, we pay most of the taxes in this country.

The writer speaks of difficulty to get into medicine. Hundreds of non-bumiputeras don't even get a chance to go for pre-university, let alone medicine. I am sorry, my anger is not directed against you. but against the system and the present government.

So for those who think all us Chinese are rich, please go to any government hospital and you will see yourself there are lots of so-called 'rich' non-bumiputeras who are dying because they cannot afford things like dialysis or other costly medical treatment.

Now you see why the 'non-bumiputeras are so pissed with the government? The majority of us are not rich, and we are as 'Malaysian' as the bumiputeras.

No Malaysian should be deprived of their basic human right to getting an education. It's your right as a Malaysian and your child's right as a Malaysian.

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