Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Baru explains why PKR performed below par in 10th state election

Baru Bian

KUCHING: PKR contested in 49 constituencies in the April 16 polls but managed to win only three seats because of various reasons including voters’ sentiments and poor machinery and strategy, state PKR chief Baru Bian said.

Speaking at a dialogue session here on Saturday, which was officiated by the party’s de-facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Baru conceded that many party members had erroneously placed too much hope and trust on the voters’ sentiments.Because of their wrong perceptions, their original plans were swayed off tangent.

“In terms of machinery and strategy, much still need to be ironed out. One of the weakest links is recruiting polling agents at the eleventh hour.

“I observed that some of our agents came to us at the very last minute and when temptations and money struck them, they left. We want people who can still stand together with us despite temptations.

“We must have proper strategy because weak machinery will not last. These are the internal factors we concluded in our post-mortem,” he said.

Baru, who is Ba Kelalan assemblyman, said threats and money politics also worked against them.

However, Baru said he was pleased that the opposition had made significant inroads in the recent state polls. The DAP doubled their strength from six assemblypersons to 12 while PKR from one to three.

But Baru regretted that despite the increased strength there was still “no change of policies in the state.”

“Barisan Nasional is still defending their current policies despite our proposed amendments during the State Legislative Assembly sitting last month. Barisan Nasional ministers said those amendments were not necessary.

“There is still a need to pursue our struggles to see change in the government. Therefore, the coming parliamentary election means that we must march into Putrajaya.”

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