Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ubah versus Kenyalang

Local flavour and creativity were very much in evidence during the nominations process in the 10th >Sarawak election.

Compared to shouting matches and frequent scuffles among rival supporters in the peninsula, those accompanying candidates to nomination centres around Sarawak were orderly and offered a lighter take on politics.

TheNONE DAP turned the state emblem - the Rhinoceros Hornbill - into a loveable mascot named Ubah ('change'). It has its own website, Facebook and Twitter account, in a bid to engage younger urban voters.

Almost all the DAP candidates were accompanied by Ubah, in the form of soft toy. Candidates and supporters happily posed with the mascot for photographs.

A majestic bird also featured in the BN's campaign.

Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu, dubbed the 'Iban warrior' by his supporters, brought along a kenyalang (hornbill) sculpture to the nomination centre. This has been his practice in every election he has contested.

The sculpture and an antler, were carried by two elders who led the 300-strong BN entourage to the Betong district office, the nomination centre for state seat Layar, this morning.

On reaching thNONEe main buidling, Jabu - who is seeking his eighth consecutive term in the Layar seat, carried the items and placed them respectfully on either side of an antique cannon at the building entrance.

He then squatted down and stroked the cannon while murmuring a few words in the Iban language. He asked Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein to similarly stroke the cannon and the two posed for photographs.

After the returning officer announced the successful candidates, Jabu again stroked the cannon and murmured to it.

He told Hishammuddin that the cannon has brought victory to BN and again asked the latter to pose with him for photographs.

NONEAccording to Jabu's wife, Empiang, the kenyalang and antler are part of an Iban tradition in seeking blessings.

"During every election, he will do the ritual," she told Malaysiakini.

According to the Sarawak Handicraft and Souvenir Association, the Iban regard the kenyalang as the God of War. It is the community's most sacred carving and is used to honour and commemorate its warriors and leaders.

Traditionally, only a proven warrior is allowed to fell the tree to be used for carving the statue. The wood for the hornbill crest can only be cut by a warrior who has killed numerous enemies in a single expedition.

Stella 'spooks' Independent

At the Balingian nomination centre, all eyes were on an Australian bomoh allegedly close to Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud, who was filing his nomination form.

A minor fracas broke out wheNONEn Independent candidate Salleh Jafaruddin raised his voice at Stella Kharleen Tashman, a striking blonde who sported a leopard-print headscarf.

"You want to put a spell on me, you want to put a spell on Malaysia," Salleh said, raising his voice.

However, Stella (right), who was wearing heavy make-up, just laughed and walked away, while Salleh had to be restrained by his supporters.

According to whistleblower website Sarawak Report, Stella was introduced to Taib by his sister Raziah.

It further claimed that Taib is strongly influenced by Stella, who is said to conduct a ritual each morning before he leaves his residence.

Suara Sarawak: Jabu, we would like to remind you that the cannon you stroked is the Bujang Timpang Berang, which belonged to Rekaya Pemancha Dana Bayang and his family. Not a drop of the great Iban paramount chief Rekaya Pemancha Dana Bayang's blood can be found in your body. However, it flows in the veins of Stanny Embat, the great-great-great-great-great-grandson of Rekaya Pemancha Dana Bayang. In the past, you have relied on Stanny's forefathers to "help" you. And they have done so simply because not one of their descendants has risen up to challenge you. Now, one of their descendants has. And you know too that when we visited Pendam Terusuk four months ago, your spiritual powers were extinguished. Stroke all you want. The cannon does not favour you anymore. Your time is up, Jabu anak Numpang.


Anonymous said...

Although I am Iban myself and I don't really believe in this kenyang/cannon or whatever stupid & desperate things Jabu did, I strongly believe Jabu will lose this electioon simply because:
1. he has offended Christian with his miring etc
2. Taib's bomoh is busy helping taib & got no time to help Jabu
3. of what Suara Sarawak said

Anonymous said...

Lebuh orang kristain ringat laban Bible impasse, Jabu majak mai orang Betong miring enggau Hishamudin ( UMNO) ke Betong. Enti rayat bisi beratika nya,Jabu tu nadai bebasa ati orang kristain ti udah telih laban adat ti dipegai UMNO enggau BN besiping.Nya alai sekali badu agi kita Layar ngundi BN ... VOTE JABU OUT... UNDI PR....Act of disrespect.. agi ga JABU tu udah tesat pengarap... ngaku diri kristain tang ulah iya pagan... nyembah bala antu sitan...etc...

Anonymous said...

Jabu, Dont play God!

Anonymous said...

For the record and history facts...Ex-MP Liben Kato was the only person who able to carried the said canon single-arm.He pushed is right hand inside the hole on the canon and carried it to the fort.According to the legend it needs 100 persons to carry the canon.Many old folk in Betong saw this strange event.Mr Joe Ungang is the nephew of Late MP Liben Kato.In Joe dream he was asked to challenge Jabu and only him or his descendant can defeat Jabu.Jabu has a Charm (Pengaroh)given by Joe's Ungang late father (Ungang Branca)many years and that is why Jabu has the upper hand in winning.But this charm can not used by Jabu to defeat Joe as mentioned by old folk.That is why Jabu scared of Joe.Ask all the Iban in Betong they will know about this.

Anonymous said...

But Jabu pengaruh managed to influence the two Ibans to slaughter themselves- iban makai iban. What say you the unholy trinity?

Surely Jabu has the advantage to crush his 3 enemies or that's his plan...Stanny & Kibak are the Trojan horses.

Anonymous said...

Orang Betong Undi lah PKR, VOTE Jabu out, go bck and tell your people what kind of man is he.Udah cukup! We must go for a change!

Anonymous said...

Orang Betong Undi lah PKR, VOTE Jabu out, go bck and tell your people what kind of man is he.Udah cukup! We must go for a change!

Cadraver said...

It's not everyday that you see a politician stroking his cannon in public.