Saturday, February 26, 2011

PKR chief dares Taib to NCR land debate

Stephen Tiong

Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian has challenged billionaire Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud to a public debate on the native customary rights (NCR) land.

"I am extending an open invitation to him to debate against me on the NCR land issue," Baru said at a press conference in Kuching today.

"He has two weeks to reply, but if he does not agree to the open invitation, then I will send him an official letter, through my legal office, to invite him to face me," said the NCR land law expert.

"If Taib has no time, then he should delegate his senior ministers who have a deep understanding of NCR land.

NONEBaru (right) said the debate should be on whether the State Goverment has been grabbing the NCR lands and whether the NCR land is an old issue.

He said he is fed-up with Taib and his ministers, especially Awang Tengah , for harping that the NCR land is an old issue just to counter the claims by the Opposition and civil societies groups that the chief minister and state government have been grabbing NCR land from the natives.

"To me, the NCR land issue is crucial, on-goings and current. It is certainly not an old issue as claimed by Awang Tengah and Taib," he said.

Confusion confounded over land size

Baru also wants the Lands and Surveys director Sudarsono Osman to explain what does he mean by saying that NCR land spread over about 1.5million hectares in Sarawak.

"This is the question that we want Sudarsono to answer," he said in response to a statement by Sudarsono that the State government will complete a perimeter survey on 380,000h of NCR land by 2015.

Does he mean that the NCR lands are confined to Tanah Temuda (lands that have been established prior to Jan 1, 1958) alone and that is how he comes to conclusion that there are about 1.5 million hectares of NCR lands?" Baru asked.

He also asked Sudarsono whether his understanding and knowledge on NCR lands is based on legal decisions of the Federal Court, the Court of Appeal or the High Court.

"He should study the Federal Court's decisions in respective of the Nor anak Nyawai & three others versus Borneo Pulp and Paper & two others as well as the Miri Superintendent of Lands and Surveys and another versus Madeli Salleh," he said.

Baru said based on these two decisions by the apex court, NCR lands include Pemakai Menoa (communal area land) and Pulau Galau (communal forest).

Govt facing a pile of land cases

"This means that the size of NCR land, as far as I know, is three times bigger than the 1.5 million hectares mentioned by Sudarsono," he said.

He said Sudarsono's statement is confusing and misleading where the definition of the NCR land is concerned.

He said the large chunks of NCR land come from Pemakai Menoa and Pulau Galau.

NONEHe said his firm alone is handling about 150 cases filed by the landowners against the government for encroaching into their property.

"This is not to mention the cases filed through other legal firms," he added.

"The total of pending and active cases may well surpass 200 cases," he said.

The most celebrated case is the Nor anak Nyawai and three others vs Borneo Pulp and Paper and two others, in which Baru appeared for the plaintiffs.

This case has become the reference case for decisions made by the court on NCR land cases.

Baru said he is concerned with the government's definition of the NCR land as it is only confined to the Tanah Temuda.

On the debate, he said Baru he will propose that it tbe mediated by neutral persons or academicians as panel members and be picked from the local universities and who have been a deep knowledge and understanding of the NCR land.

Baru added he will invite rural people, especially the NCR landowners to attend, and that they will become the judge.

He said the local television stations and the local media should be invited to provide a wide coverage for the consumption of the local audience and the international community.

Taken from Malaysiakini.


Anonymous said...

I have a piece of paper given by a friend about 48000 hectars ( 120000 acres ) of land given to Bliss Corporation and signed by Sudarsono.

FirstFruits said...

I don't belong to any political party and I don't take sides. After having gone through all the sites and blogs for months now pertaining to the rampant corruptions blatantly committed by the thief and his bunch of crooked ministers, any right thinking person like me is impartial to judge beyond the shadow of a doubt what Taib and his gang have done for the last 30 years to the people of Sarawak is morally & totally all wrong.

What Sarawak Report and Radio Free Sarawak exposed is all truth and there is no doubt about it. Taib can liken such allegations to an act of michief any way he likes and says he has no time to entertain his critics. But the time will soon come when the rakyat will reckon with him hashly.

What DAP's Lim Guan Eng & Koh Tsu Khoon of BN debated on corruption by the previous government in public in front of the national TV & independent panel,Baru Bian is doing the right thing by throwing down the gautlet to Taib to a public debate just to refute the claim by Taib & Awang Tengah that NCR is an old issue but an ongoig & current one and the old fart and his gang have been grabbing NCR land from the natives.

The electorate in Sarawak and people throughout the world would love to see if Taib has the guts to pick up the gautlet from Baru Bian to a public debate to be moderated by neutral persons or academicians who have knowledge of NCR land as panel members selected from the local
universities & the rural folks, especially the NCR landowners whose lands have been grabbed illegally to attend, and that they would be the judge.

To be fair to all, the local television stations and the local media should be invited to cover the debate for the consumption of the local audience and the international community.

If this debate takes place, we love to see how BB bashes Taib or his agents and whack that Awang Tengah properly to the world that Taib illegally grabs natives'NCR lands for free and allienate to himself and his family who then sell the free lands to crony companies for millions of RM

This old despot and his gang have one hell of a knack of doing a pretty lucrative business without any cash investment just by grabbing NCR lands for free and making millions.

The thief is full of rhetorics in today's Borneo Post
[27/02/2011], saying "BN is like man A and the oposition , man B. Man A is honest and does not make empty promises just to get the beautiful lady as his wife" [meaning the power of the state] Guess what? He only talks cock.

Anonymous said...

Good job. BB

Anonymous said...

Give us a peace of mind so our land not controlled by greedy asshoollee...we will supported you baru bian...God bless Sarawak...