Saturday, February 26, 2011

One-woman army against the White Rajah

'She has made a mockery of Malaysia by pointing out that she had to write her articles in a country where freedom of the press is fully respected.'

S'wak Report founder: Not my job to oust Taib

Ponto: Clare Rewcastle Brown, you're truly a beloved darling for all Malaysians, especially to the down-trodden Sarawakians, whose right to live in dignity in a land of plenty has been flagrantly robbed along with their birthrights by Taib, the elected CM whose sworn duty, as enshrined in the state constitution, is to diligently govern the country and its peoples with unquestionable integrity and responsibility.

Your own dedication and devotion to the cause in seeking justice for those when justice has been unjustifiably denied them, deserve our utmost admiration and praise, particularly under said circumstance when intimidations and threats on your safety and well-being are not unexpected.

It's acknowledged that 'the harder the task, the greater will be the achievement,' and your selfless sacrifices in the face of personal dangers unto yourself and your associates has not escaped the attention of all civic-minded individuals and the many relevant global human rights NGOs.

Satinah Osman: It is people like Clare who make life worth living again. Of course, she must be having excellent connections to write her articles and she has made a mockery of Malaysia by pointing out that she had to write her articles in a country where the freedom of the press and journalists are fully protected and respected.

It is a disgrace to us that she has to be held up at the Immigration and her mobile phone blocked. The Egyptians, Tunisians, Yemenis, Bahrainis, a few Saudis, Jordonians and Libyans are certainly made of sterner stuff than we Malaysians.

Justice Kini: The MACC and the police should read this article. It's like putting food on their plate. Clare Rewcastle Brown had put it point blank that all the reports on Taib has got solid proof. Yet MACC and the police do not lift even their fingers to arrest him and freeze his assets.

Realistic: Some people keep saying that Sarawakians got what they deserve for continuing to vote for BN, but then again, how can you blame the people in the interior when they don't have any information about Taib's wrongdoings?

Every dissenting voices has been effectively curb by the absolute control of the local media by BN and the blatant use of government resources and money politics to "bribe" the rural folks. Wouldn't you be if you are the ones staying in the rural area and not exposed to all the happenings in town?

Taib knows he only need to take care of the rural votes to stay in power. So please help the rural folks find o what's going on in anyway you can in order for them to make an informed decision come the next election.

Tay Kai Beng: Can't blame the Sarawakians, they were blindfolded for years. After knowing the truth, it's their choice if they still vote for him.

Judicial review for MP allocation clears first hurdle

Bernard Phillips: For decades, opposition MP constituencies have been completed ignored by the BN government. It was the norm and accepted by everybody without questions. And all government departments just took away the money allocated for maintenance of roads, communications, etc, as if the people in these constituencies did not pay any taxes.

And for those Umno/BN areas their MPs got more money then they knew what to do. And of course, a lot of the money was unaccounted for. What a shameful behaviour and it was not just the government to be blamed. We, the people, are also to be blamed for doing nothing.

But now we have an MP who truly has the courage and strength to fight for his people, and Dr D Jeyakumar, you make me proud. I have no idea how the case will go. Probably nowhere, but it is enough that the case is brought to court and Malaysians can do something which the judge may not be able to. They can vote this Umno/BN out at the next GE.

Lim Chong Leong: Umno cannot use federal funds like their own and give only to BN constituencies. That is an abuse of funds and contrary to constitutional rights of those in opposition-held areas to vote for whoever they please.

Of course, 1Bolehland has a different set of laws for Umno and BN. And this is at the High Court level. As with all the cases between them and Pakatan Rakyat, they always win in the end in the higher courts.

Righteous: BN only treat those that vote for them like Malaysians. All the rest, regardless of the amount of tax we pay, can go to hell while they spend our tax money on overpriced submarines, ships, and other crony contracts.

How anyone can continue to vote for BN, I do not know. Is Malaysia really so rich that so many can be paid off and we don't go broke? We will be in a bankrupt country soon enough, that much was said to us by a BN man not a Pakatan man.

Ksn: Morally speaking, all MPs should automatically qualify for the annual grant which is to cater for the people of that area. The funds come from taxpayers and Umno should have no legal right to deny the constituents their legitimate rights.

Can the public expect a judgment, fair and in the interests of justice and fair play. Or will it be normal stuff from the judiciary against all established norms? Umno should remember their days to sit on the other side is not far away. Just a reminder.

Parameswara_40fe: The 'trade off' here is - MP Charles Santiago lost his case for declassification of the Syabas/federal government water deal arrangements. The direction of the courts is so predictable - reject one case even though the folks who decided also are paying for that water, and then allow for another case to proceed (Jeyakumar's).

Just watch - Dr Jeya will lose eventually as the script is now being slowly written out to be read as judgment finally, irrespective of all the justifications presented in the courts during actual hearing.

Neders: Najib, 'People First, Performance Now'? Cut out the bullshit. The money is not yours.

RCI's turn at Teoh's mystery note

Cala: I have two comments. First, as we are made to be aware, the late TBH (Teoh Beng Hock) was only a witness to the investigation of suspected irregularities committed by his boss, Ean Yong Hian Hwa.

If my memory serves me right, the amount in question was a paltry RM2,400. Ask yourself; was it logical that a man would go to the extreme to take his own life for it? Second, why were/are there two versions to the "suicide notes"?

Would it not reflect badly on the unprofessionalism on the part of the police? Show me which authority says that every person involving in suicide would leave a note behind. Besides, from my own knowledge of Chinese, the note hardly can be taken as a person about to take his own life.

In sum, I suspect this is a deceptive move aimed to cause confusion in the minds of the public. But their hypothesis is hardly credible given the fact that TBH had a plan to marry a girl of his choice shortly after his forced visit to Selangor MACC.

Abil: To cover one lie, one has to lie multiple times to convince one is telling the truth. MACC is trying to cover up with lies and they have to lie all the way. Ultimately, the truth will come out glaringly, since evil must be defeated one way or other.

Cry for Malaysia: The translation for "zaijian" is "jumpa lagi". So why has the translator chosen to use "selamat tinggal" if it was not the intention to mislead?

Wira: If that is a suicide note, every Chinese who writes letter is committing suicide.

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