Monday, February 21, 2011

Oil Palm Owners - Employ Gangsters?

By A Concerned Iban

Once again the oil palm plantation owners in Sarawak, harassed and threatened NCR landowners, by using gangsters (and I repeat GANGSTERS – you probably won’t believe it is happening in Malaysia, least in Sarawak-but it is happening!!!).

In the most recent case as reported in some blogs, one oil palm company Niamas Istimewa Sdn. Bhd. a joint venture company between Bintulu Lumber Development Resources (BLD Resources) and Sarawak Land Development Board now is called Sarawak Oil Palm Berhad, after being privatized some times ago, are reported to have engaged gangsters to help them to manage their affairs with the Iban/Dayak of Ulu Niah, Miri, Sarawak.

THIS ARTICLE and also THIS ONE provide more information.

Look at the Board of Directors of BLD. There is at least one BN YB. Look at the company vision “….to be successful, innovative and responsible corporation…”

Such a lofty and good corporate vision indeed but in real world they operate quite differently. Their vision statement is only for reading. They stooped so low that they are even prepared to employ gangsters in your dealing with the hapless, illiterate Dayak NCR landowners!!!

Now look at the Board of Directors of Sarawak Plantation Berhad (SPLB). The same BN YB is there along with names who are in the corridors of power directly and indirectly.


Now you and I know why gangsterism is on the rise in Sarawak. Now we also know how little faith people have on the police. Even companies with BN YBs in their Board of Directors and listed in Bursa Malaysia are engaging gangsters to help them in ensuring that they are “successful” in their oil palm business!

Are you not ashamed of what your company are doing? Do you have any moral or conscience? Or are you all so blinded by your greed for money that you are prepared to employ gangsters to threaten, maim or injured the longhouse people? Why are you so scared of going to the court to settle your differences?

Now it is so blatantly clear that there is nobody fighting and protecting the Dayak rights and interest. All these while the politicians and companies could hide and cover their acts. Not anymore! Your misdeeds will be known and published. It is not wrong to say that any individuals or organizations which continue to deal with these companies from now onwards are themselves committing similar crimes against the Dayaks.

For the Dayaks it is time for us to change our political outlook. We are just wasting your future if we continue to vote for BN. BN are our enemy, sworn enemy to be exact ! They are the one who rob us of our land and threaten us if we do not submit to their demands.

Try for once in our lives to vote for opposition. And let us see if they (PKR, SNAP etc) employ gangsters to threaten our people in the longhouses. Try them for a term of 5 years and see if they rob us of our land.

Just look at the various cases of how the NCR landowners have been treated, cheated by all and sundry in the oil palm business. Our land have been taken by all sort of government bodies – SALCRA, FELCRA, etc to be developed, in some cases with LCDA acting agency that are supposedly looking after landowners interests. Ask yourself how much bonus/dividends have our people who participate receive every year. Where is LCDA in the whole scheme of thing? They know the answer better than us.


Taib, Jabu or Masing are lying through their teeth when they say they want to bring development to us Dayak – certainly not to the Iban/Dayak. They have lied for the last 39 years. Do we have to wait for another 39 years before we all realize that they are but liars! Are other Dayak politicians any better? Not in my view – they are all the same!

Please read THIS ARTICLE if you have time.

Just wait and see if the police carry out investigations on any of the Board of Directors of all the companies involved. If none of them is pulled to the court, it means it is legal for anyone to employ gangsters at least in the oil palm business. But perhaps you have to form a company first before you could employ them.

Whatever it is, we just hope Najib will send 1000 Rela from Semananjung to help the Dayak to protect their NCR land from being robbed by politicians, their cronies, siblings, children and businessmen. The police have been proven again and again that they are of little aid to the Dayak in their attempt to protect their land.

Taken from Malaysia Today.

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