Tuesday, February 1, 2011

‘I am not Jabu’s stooge’

Joseph Tawie

Sarawak PKR is confident of slaying Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu Numpang in the coming state election if Layar constituency offered a straight fight.

BETONG: Stanny Embat, PKR’s potential candidate for the Layar constituency, is miffed by claims that he is a ‘stooge’ for Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu Numpang.

A retired police officer, Embat has been groomed by the party to take on Jabu, and Parti Pesaka Bumiputra Bersatu (PBB), who has represented Layar for more than 36 years.

Despite having a DCM as their assemblyman for over three decades, majority of Layar’s 90-odd longhouses are abysmal with no infrastructure and utility facilities.

Speaking to villagers here during a dinner on Sunday, Embat who is Betong division’s deputy chairman said: “Some people are saying I am being paid by Jabu to stand. Do I have the genes of a traitor?

“Do I look like someone who sells his people? Would I be standing here in the rain, if I am a paid stooge?”

He said those who were maligning him were ‘Jabu’s men’ who wanted to ensure he is re-elected in the coming election.

Embat said since joining PKR four year ago, he has visited almost all the longhouses in the constituency.

“We have gone to the ground and visited all the 90 over longhouses in the Layar constituency. And from what I gathered the people are fed up with Jabu.

“They are fed-up with so many un-kept promises and the politics of fear. They want change and want real development.

“The time is up for Jabu and his cronies!

“But we must be united if we want to get rid of him. In a one-to-one contest, I can tell you Jabu will be defeated,” Embat said.

Victims of intimidation

Meanwhile division chairman Abang Zulkifli Abang Engkeh said Betong was ready for change and there was now no reason for the constituents to be afraid of Jabu.

“We can clearly see it tonight with so many people braving the rain and who are no longer scared of Jabu’s spies,” he said.

Also present at the dinner was state PKR chairman Baru Bian who decried the current Dayak leaders who failed to defend the community’s native customary rights (NCR) lands.

“Do they (Dayak leaders in Barisan Nasional) fight for our rights?

“If they do then why are the Dayaks still suffering? Why are the Dayaks, who are the richest landowners of this state, still the poorest of the people of Sarawak?” asked Bian.

He called on the people of Betong not to fear Jabu any longer and asked: “Why should we be afraid of them? Why should we be victims of their intimidation, lies and politics of fear?”

“Instead, the BN leaders should be afraid of us because we decide whether to elect them in the next election,” added Bian.

Taken from Free Malaysia Today.


Anonymous said...

Embat....lets be honest and face reality. You were once under Jabu pay roll.Its difficult for Layar voters to think that you not being planted by your former boss.

My friendly advice, why not you just help Tedwin to bring Jabu down?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think it would be wise to field Tedwin instead of Embat.

Anonymous said...

Ya true also to Mr Embat you are too old juga dah lambat for you to stand against mr jabu.....dah pencen baru mau jadi yb dah lah dementia sekarang. Don't be greedy lah give to the young chaf!!!

whocares said...
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whocares said...

i feel its not fair if i as a voter in layar constituency do not say a few comment regarding unfounded allegation against embat.embat has completed his service in the force for 35 years plus with excelence record. for what we know tedwin service in the force is less than 10 years.he was forced to resign, ask him why??what about his housing project in betong?Again tedwin just resign from prs less than a week ago( bn component party which help taib to rob the tanah ncr) can you trust him? His heart is still with bn.Can you change his heart overnight? mind you politic is about numbers.tell me tedwin grand father is from sebuyau, he has only a few relatives in betong .the family has been living in teluk putus a century ago- no man's land living in isolation.only now he settled in stambak ulu.my friend if you want to defeat jabu, pls help embat to win.embat is fighting against jabu (bn) not you guys who become the stooges of bn. stop it now,jabu is laughing.