Monday, February 14, 2011

Capturing the hearts and minds of Sarawakians.

PKR Sarawak is in full throttle mode. The roadshows are now penetrating the far reaches of the interior and in full swing.

These places do not have electricity or clean water. Internet and the cyberspace is a foreign concept.

All that these simple folks know is that they want change and a better life. We teach them how to tick the PKR symbol, not the dacing.

Last weekend, Baru Bian and his team led the northern assault in Sungai Asap and the wider Belaga area while Nicholas Bawin, accompanied by YB Tian Chua, led the assault in the south and gathered opinion leaders from the Lubok Antu watershed to listen to how PKR and Pakatan Rakyat plan to revamp Sarawak. Against all odds, we press on for victory!





Anonymous said...

Those arm-chair bloggers and reporters in West Malaysia have no idea. The real war is fought on the ground, not in cyberspace. Well done PKR for fighting the good fight where it matters. Let SNAP and the Third Force busy themselves with press conferences and symposiums and more talk but no action.

Anonymous said...

Baru Bian may be no match for Sng's money and connections (as FMT headline screams) but Sng certainly ain't no match for Bian's integrity and track record. Never underestimate the reader's intelligence. Bian is working the ground and rightly so.

Anonymous said...

So,Mr Baru is doing the right job now he goes to the ground and meeting people no matter they are their supporters or what just go ahead to make people knows what is going on in our state or country. Like SNAP they talk in the air only never go to the ground and attract people heart that is NOT call BERUBAHLAH....slogan. Even you sought from heaven people don't or wouldn't bother about you because you are telling lie to the people of cause due to no action...SYABAS MR BARU BIAN GOOD JOB!!!!!.

Flying Dove said...

Good job brother, let's bring Sarawak out of darkness. Our race is not finish, please persevere on until we arrive at the finishing line. Oh our fair land Sarawak we are claiming you in Jesus precious name. Amen. We fight not against flesh and blood but against the spirit of darkness. Hallelujah!!!! All ye spiritual soldiers common lets march on together, pray and fast wherever you are.

Adil dan Bebas said...

Keep it up, Bro!

Keep up the change movement and as you sow, so shall you reap!

Tahniah atas usaha penuh komitmen!

menangsorak said...

Saudara Baru..teruskan prjuangan wlpun banyak rintangan yg bakal menghadapi..buktikan bahawa PKR boleh..rakyat sarawak perlu berubah dan diubah..jgn jadi menang sorak kampung tergadai..kbyakan pemimpin yang sedia ada hari ini ada agenda tersendiri bukan agenda rakyat..jdi YB sekadar tiket untuk memudah melaksana agenda tersembunyi..dan orng kampung terus tergadai dan diperalatkan ...tak ada bezanya dgn zaman rajah brooke..kekayaan dibawa keluar..rakyat dijajah seperti hamba..rampasan tanah dan aset semakin beleluasa..kekayaan terkumpul pada satu pihak..dan rakyat cuma menadah sisa..teruskan perjuangan PKR..masih ada rakyat dibelakang kalian walaupun media pemerintah hari ini cuba memperkecikan kemampuan PKR..belum cuba belum tahu..

Anonymous said...

After much thought....put your vote for PKR/PR my dear, god bless we will win..!!!

Anonymous said...

Rumour: Is it true Datuk Sng Chee Hua joins the PKR fray?

Anonymous said...

hati2,...takut dato sng skadar anai2..mcm dto zaid..cuba meroboh dari dalam

Anonymous said...

I noticed that YB Tian Chua is a bit handsome now and putting on weight since he became a YB....better than before...

Peturun Raja Saribas said...

No mission impossible
No sacrifice too great

Winston said...

Baru Bian, you're doing the right thing by working the ground!
That's the way to effect change!
Move into the so-called fixed deposit areas of the UMNO/BN coalition.
This will drive them bonkers!
Again, well done!!!!

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