Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Anwar to MACC: Why the silence over Taib exposes?

Stephen Tiong

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim has questioned the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) on why it has not started investigating whistleblower website Sarawak Report's allegations of abuse of power and corruption by Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud.

NONE“Any credible report must be investigated. This is a standard position that we take,” he told reporters before leaving for Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

He said when allegations were made against him, MACC would initiate immediate investigation.

“But when allegations are made against Prime Minister Najib (Abdul) Razak, Information, Communications and Heritage Minister Rais Yatim and Taib, MACC is slow to act,” he added.

He suggested that Malaysia has two sets of laws - one set of toothless laws for the rich and powerful, and the second for the ordinary people, like him.

“These sets of laws needed to be changed,” he said, adding that he doubted whether it would ever happen as long as the BN was in power.

He also suggested that the BN system prevents any change in the system.

“(If) you want to make sure that there is justice and fairness, then the system must be changed for good,” he added.

NONEOver the last few months, Sarawak Report has been alleging - backed up with what it said is documentary and other evidence - that Taib, his family members and friends have became billionaires and have interests overseas.

Taib's sisters have also been implicated in 'grabs' of customary rights land from indigenous communities, reportedly with the assistance of officials from Sarawak's Land and Survey Department.

Sarawak Report has also carried articles accusing the Taib family of being awarded contracts through direct negotiations, to build and maintain roads, bridges and other large projects.

Anwar warned of the consequences of chronic abuse of power and corruption, pointing to the political crises in Tunisia and Egypt after popular revolts protested against their governments.

The same thing could happen in other Muslim countries in Asia or elsewhere, he said.

“We should be conscious of what is happening in these two countries,” he said.

He warned the BN against belittling or humiliating the rural population by thinking they would be satisfied with the occasional building of roads and bridges built in their areas.

“These people are Malaysians and should be given the rights and power to decide their future direction,” he said.

He said it is critical for PKR to continue strengthening and fortifying its bases and to work closely with its Pakatan Rakyat partners DAP, PAS and SNAP in Sarawak.

“It is also the task of the party national leaders to inform the people in Sarawak on the need for change, ridding the system of corruption and abuse of power, “ he added.

Another instance of Taib's generosity to family members

Taken from Malaysiakini.

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