Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Anwar holds motivation session with PKR lawmakers

Regina Lee

In a move to pep up PKR's efforts in the forthcoming Sarawak state polls and the oft-speculated snap general election, its de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim has met up with all of the party's lawmakers to 'motivate' them.

At the meeting in the Selangor state secretariat building in Shah Alam on Monday, it is learnt that Anwar met up with PKR assemblypersons and MPs to dispense some fatherly wisdom.

NONE"He basically told us to buck up and that if we don't perform well, we may not get nominated in the next election," a PKR lawmaker speaking on condition of anonymity said.

Malaysiakini understands that in the address-cum-dialogue session, Anwar (right) also touched on the negative publicity that has been dogging the party in recent times - including the departures of Padang Serai MP N Gobalakrishnan and former Sabah PKR chief Pajudin Nordin.

It is understood that Anwar told the lawmakers to move past the heated controversies that arose during the party elections last year and to go forward.

"He said the party cannot keep on looking back," the lawmaker said.

Lawmakers may 'adopt' Sarawak seats

In the meeting that was 'not regular, but not the first', a suggestion was floated that the party's elections bureau assigns lawmakers to 'adopt' state constituencies in Sarawak.

PKR has 23 MPs and 38 assembly-persons. There are 71 state seats in Sarawak.

It is learnt that the party's elections bureau, headed by deputy president Azmin Ali, would be focussing on the 25 seats that PKR contested in the 2006 general election, with only a small margin of change.

The source said it was a common election strategy to adopt constituencies before the start of the actual campaign.

"In every by-election, we are assigned to 'adopt' polling districts," the source added.

'Adopting' a constituency means establishing the party's 'presence' in the area, and to ensure that the grassroots machinery is well-motivated for the long haul of an election campaign.

By law, the 10th Sarawak state election must be held before July 2011, with many speculating that it will be held in March to coincide with Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud's 30 years in power.

Taken from Malaysiakini.

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