Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pictures the Barisan Nasional would not want you to see.

PKR Sarawak kicked off its 'Jelajah Perubahan' roadshow last weekend, and will be touring the entire state for the next six months or until the state elections are called.

Thousands turned up to hear speeches from PKR leaders at this first leg of the tour, and judging by the number of plain-clothes Special Branch officers who tailed the roadshow, it can be assumed that the BN is watching us closely.

These pictures of the roadshow indicate the REAL situation on the ground. People are no longer afraid to defy the authorities and have turned up in droves. Even tuai rumah are opening up their longhouses to PKR. You are welcome to download, copy and share these photographs with your friends.


Tents filled with tables of party members and supporters.

PKR State Liaison Chief Baru Bian accompanied by PKR YB Sim Tze Tzin, ADUN Pantai Jerejak, Penang and party leaders.

A welcoming crowd in the restaurant.

Loud-speakers were placed outside for the tables which overflowed from the restaurant.

An estimated crowd of nearly a thousand people turned up.


A grand welcome. Followed by a miring ceremony.

Despite being intimidated by the authorities, longhouse folk bravely and defiantly turned up to listen to the message of change.

People even sat outside 0n the ground in the dark as the inside of the longhouse was too crowded.

New members submitted their forms.


Nearly a thousand Dayak natives turned up to hear our message of change. Later in the evening, party faithful congregated in a hotel in Sibu for the installation of office bearers.

A press conference was held later.


Friday 21st January

Rumah Ado, Kakus (6pm onwards)

Saturday 22nd January

Rumah Radin, Entajum (11am onwards)

Rumah Abu, Sungai Buloh, Ulu Balingian (6pm onwards)

Sunday 23rd January

Rumah Ladon, Sungai Bawan, Balingian (8am onwards)

Rumah Limai, Labang, Bintulu (2pm onwards)

Sunday 30th January

Betong town, Layar (7pm onwards)

All welcome. Admission FREE.
Be a part of the tsunami of change that is sweeping over Sarawak!



Anonymous said...

Patutlah BN sudah takut!!

FirstFruits said...

With this kind of roadshow taken by PKR into the whole of the state, especially campaigning & canvassing consistently in longhouses for the next six months or until the election is called, PKR/PR will surely have a good run for their money.

With DAP going round the urban areas relentlessly and SNAP spearheading the Dayak majority constituencies aggressively, Pakatan Rakyat should be able to confidently capture a two third majority to kick out the corrupt BN junta.

Anonymous said...

The problem is SNAP is talking a lot and banging drums and having endless discussions and symposiums but not working the ground at all. All talk no action. When will SNAP start to go to the ground? After the elections? PKR is already rowing their boat to win the race. SNAP has not even started collecting the wood to build their boat! How to spearhead anything? SNAP should stop talking and start acting or as usual the Dayaks will be left behind because everyone in SNAP clever to talk but slow to act.

Anonymous said...

SNAP should join force now and go to the ground.Be reasonable when demanding & sharing seats with other PAKATAN parties.BN is watching out for disunity in pakatan

Anonymous said...

Syabas PKR. Teruskan perjuangan yang murni ini demi menyelamatkan masyarakat Sarawak dari terus ditindas oleh pemerintah barisan nasional (Barang Naik kata sesetengah orang sekarang).
Maklumat bergambar begini amat bagus namun saya dapati kualitinya agak kurang jelas. Bukan apa, saya ingin melihat Pakatan Rakyat kalau boleh menitikberatkan semua aspek tugasan mereka termasuk maklumat bergambar begini. Ia meggambarkan PR tidak mengambil mudah semua perkara apabila berjaya menumbuk sampai pengsan BN nanti.
Untuk itu, saya ingin memberi tip-tip untuk mengambil gambar di waktu malam atau waktu siang panas terik.
Tip-tip ini hanyalah boleh digunakan untuk SLR (single-len reflex) atau DSLR (digital single-len reflex) camera sahaja. Compact camera (point- and-shoot) tidak boleh dikawal fungsinya, jadi tip-tip ini tidak relevan.
Ambil gambar waktu malam.
Paling senang, set kepada auto (A) dan pastikan exposose delay mode diaktifkan. Delay expose mode membolehkan lebih banyak cahaya masuk sampai ke len camera dalam keadaan gelap, sebelum image dicetak di atas filem.
Atau, setkan kepada manual (M) mode, rendahkan speed (e.g. 35s) dan apeature (e,g, f3.8 atau lebih rendah). Setkan juga ISO (sensivity index) yang rendah contoh ISO 100 atau ISO 200.
Bagi siang hari yang terik,
Setting Manual adalah sangat bagus kerana speed dan apeature boleh dikawal dengan agak senang.
Setkan f tinggi (e.g. f16, f22) bermaksud sedikit cahaya boleh masuk (jadi tidak over expose) dan bagi speed kepada 125s atau lebih tinggi. Kalau banyak aktiviti, tinggikan speed kepada 180s.

Sekian terima kasih.