Friday, January 21, 2011

Keadilan Wanita Sarawak Fund Raising Dinner in Kuching

On Wednesday, 19th January, the Wanita Wing of PKR Sarawak held a fund-raising dinner at a popular restaurant in Kuching to help finance the coming state elections.

The dinner was attended by 500 sympathisers, supporters and party members, and graced by top party leadership as well as guests of honour YB Hjh. Zuraida Kamaruddin, Ketua Wanita Keadilan and Encik Zakaria Abdul Hamid, Ahli Majlis Pimpinan Pusat mewakili Timbalan President YB Encik Mohd. Azmin Ali.

Puan Cecelia Siti Una, the Timbalan Ketua Wanita Keadilan Sarawak cum Organising Chairperson of the dinner, gave the welcoming speech.

She was followed by Puan Nurhanim Datuk Mokhsen, the Ketua Wanita Keadilan Sarawak, who pledged to lead the Wanita Wing to greater heights.

The Timbalan Presiden of the Wanita Keadilan Pusat, Puan Voon SN, gave a rousing speech.

Sarawak's PKR State Liaison Chief, Encik Baru Bian, gave his thumbs up to the Wanita Wing for spearheading the grassroots campaign in the state by kicking off with a successful fund-raising dinner.

Invited Guest of Honour YB Violet Yong from DAP.

Invited Guest of Honour Encik Zakaria Abdul Hamid, MPP, representing Timbalan Presiden YB Mohd. Azmin Ali.

Invited Guest of Honour YB Hjh. Zuraida Kamaruddin, Ketua Wanita Keadilan.

From left: Encik Baru Bian, Encik Zakaria Abdul Hamid, Datuk Hafsah Harun, YB Violet Yong, YB Hjh Zuraida Kamaruddin, Puan Nurhanim Datuk Mokhsen. Standing: Puan Cecelia Siti Una and Puan Voon SN.

A total of RM15,000 was raised from the sales of tables and tickets.



Anonymous said...

so where does this money go?

-Arfhartoe's Mind- said...

to the party election fund la...need money for campaign..they dont have government machinery like BN does..

Anonymous said...

anon, shame on you! It's a Common Sense Answer & Be Intellectual! Or your'e cronies of corrupted bn!!