Thursday, December 16, 2010

Youtube: Azmin Ali Promises Sarawak Full Autonomy And Will Honour 18-Points Malaysia Agreement.


Jong said...

Just listen only lah but don't raise your hopes too high my friends!

Just hate to see you guys disappointed once more! But if it makes your day well and good, go ahead. My take is, it's beyond his jurisdiction, even to reinforce an earlier promise of "full autonomy" best left in the hands of senior top leaders of Pakatan Rakyat to follow-up, not him! Knowing this incendiary, it's obvious he's out to flex his muscles and gain brownie points!

Whatever, let's not lose focus for CHANGE and give Taib Mahmud and his servile followers their last rites with a South China Sea burial!

Sarawak Boy said...

Jong, whatever personal grievances you might have with Azmin, do not let it affect you emotionally. So what if he wants to earn brownie points? All politicians do! That's what politics is about.

Look at the bigger picture. He has made a promise based on what his top leadership has already endorsed and put their signatures to. Is that a crime? So what is your problem? It's beginning to look like you have a personal vendetta against Azmin. Time to chill, my friend, and set your sight on the goal instead of scoring brownie points of your own.

Jong said...

Sarawak Boy, try to think like an octopus - ever wondered why there has been total silence from top senior Pakatan Rakyat leaders since Azmin's

And if you must know, my only problem is you who tries to silence me! No, I don't need brownie points coz I'm not a politician desperado under dubious circumstances. I'm merely a concerned Rakyat and political observer who happens to be a Pakatan Rakyat supporter!

Sarawak Boy said...

OK, so we won't get any form of autonomy from Pakatan if it gets into power and all Azmin said was just rhetoric. Happy?

As long as we get our 20% royalty from oil and gas, we're happy. RM8billion ringgit can build plenty of roads, basic amenities and more schools, clinics and hospitals. Or are you also going to say that Pakatan will deny us that too and that it's all mere election campaign promises?

I find it strange that a Pakatan Rakyat supporter is going all out to undermine the team he supports. Don't you?

Jong said...

# Or are you also going to say that Pakatan will deny us that too and that it's all mere election campaign promises? #

- I am not saying anything. I am an observer and btw I did say I am a supporter of Pakatan Rakyat, not their fixed deposit with blind-faith. Please know the difference. Nice iteracting!